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5 Penni 1919, Estonia

in Krause book Number: 39a
Years of issue: 11.1919 - 12.1919
Edition: 5 029 400
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 1919 Issue
Specimen of: 11.1919 - 12.1919
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 68 x 42
Printer: Riigi Trukikoda, Tallinn

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5 Penni 1919




5 Penni 1919

Stylized forest, trees. The owl looks out from the tree crown.

Denominations in numeral and in words are on right and left sides.


5 Penni 1919

Denomination in numeral and in words.


Withdrawn from circulation: 01.08.1927

Banknote paper is made in Räpina, Eesti.

Paper factory in Räpina is the oldest operating company in Estonia, and one of the oldest existing paper mills throughout Europe.

Designer: E. Poland.