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5 Pesos 1896, Cuba

in Krause book Number: 48b
Years of issue: 15.05.1896
Edition: --
Signatures: El Gobernador: Francisco Cassa Rouvier, El Consejero: Joaquin Jover y Costas, El Cajero: E.L. Orellana
Serie: Banco Español de la Isla de Cuba
Specimen of: 15.05.1896
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 115 х 70
Printer: American Bank Note Company, New-York

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5 Pesos 1896




5 Pesos 1896

Centered is female allegory, presumably, of trade with caduceus in her hand.

Behind her are the bales.

On background is Spanish Galleon in sea.

Denominations are across all field of banknote.


5 Pesos 1896

Diagonal red overprint "Plata" (Silver).

coatCentered is the Lesser coat of arms of the Spanish Monarch from 1834 till 1930 - Golden Fleece version.

The blazon of the Spanish coat of arms is follows:

1st and 3rd quarters - Gules, a three towered castle Or, masoned sable and ajouré azure - Kingdom of Castile.

2nd and 4th quarters - Argent, a lion rampant purpure (sometimes blazoned gules) crowned Or, langued and armed gules - Kingdom of León.

enté en point - Argent, a pomegranate proper seeded gules, supported, sculpted and leafed in two leaves vert - Kingdom of Granada.

Centered (Inescutcheon) - Azure bordure gules, three fleur-de-lis Or Oval in the official version - House of Bourbon (Anjou Branch).

Crest & Top of supporter - Or and precious stones, with eight rosettes, five visible, and eight pearls interspersed, closed at the top by eight diamonds also adorned with pearls and surmounted by a cross on a globe - Spanish Royal crown (Heraldic crown).

Around the shield are the collars of the Golden Fleece.

Denominations in numerals are on the right and left sides.