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1 Rubel 1992, Belarus

in Krause book Number: 2
Years of issue: 25.05.1992
Edition: --
Signatures: no signature
Serie: Animals of Belarus
Specimen of: 25.05.1992
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 109 x 53
Printer: Гознак, Московская печатная фабрика, филиал ФГУП "Гознак", Москва

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1 Rubel 1992




Tangled lines.


1 Rubel 1992

In the center, slightly offset to the right side of the banknote, depicts a running European hare. Left, bottom, in front of hare digital placed denomination, in the form of Arabic numerals 1, located inside the pattern. In the upper right corner of the banknote the denomination: "One Rubel", under the label denomination doubled the Arabic numeral "1". At the bottom of the bill passes through the field with a stripe pattern, on both sides of which are adjacent to the three lines of text that consist of fused inscriptions "Republic of Belarus", made in small letters. Series number and the banknotes are placed on the left side.

1 rub 1992 1 rub 1992

The picture of European Hare was taken from encyclopedia "Animals and birds of our country", released in USSR, back in 1957, by publishing house "Young Guardia". The Author of Hare, which became a symbol of the Belorussian money, was the famous Soviet animal artist Alexei Komarov. He was an illustrator of many children's books and primers. And, certainly, we all remember his baby picture "The Flood", where The Bunny escape the flood season, then climbed a tree.

1 rub 1992 1 rub 1992

In 1960, the future "Belorussian" bunny was placed on 20 penny (kopeek) stamp series "Fauna of the USSR", and in 1975 this hare was on the matches labels series "Belovezhskaya Pushcha". To translate the ideas into sketches were invited an artist Konstantin Khotyanovsky. He did made several design options.


1 Rubel 1992

In the center is the emblem Chase (was the emblem of the Republic of Belarus from 1991 to 1995). On either side of the coat of arms, inside the ovals, placed number 1, indicating the denomination. Below the inscription "РАЗЛІКОВЫ БІЛЕТ НАЦЫЯНАЛЬНАГА БАНКА БЕЛАРУСІ" ("The banknote of the National Bank of Belarus"). At the bottom right is the designated year - 1992. In the upper right part of the inscription, in small letters, "ПАДРОБКА РАЗЛІКОВЫХ БІЛЕТАЎ НАЦЫЯНАЛЬНАГА БАНКА БЕЛАРУСІ ПРАСЛЕДУЕЦЦА ПА ЗАКОНУ" ("Counterfeiting of banknotes will be will be prosecuted by law").


1 ruble 1992 was issued in 32 series: АА, АБ, АВ, АГ, АЕ, АЗ, АК, АЛ, АМ, АН, АО, АП, АР, АС, АТ, АУ, АХ, АЧ, АЭ, АЯ, БА, ББ, БВ, БГ, БЕ, БЗ, БК, БЛ, БМ, БН, БО, БП.