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500 Rubels 2006, Belarus

in Krause book Number: 27
Years of issue: 2006
Edition: --
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 2000 Issue
Specimen of: 01.01.2000
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 150 x 69
Printer: Гознак, Московская печатная фабрика, филиал ФГУП "Гознак", Москва

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500 Rubels 2006




The Republican Trade Unions' Palace of Culture in Minsk.


500 Rubels 2006

Palace culture

The Republican Trade Unions' Palace of Culture in Minsk.

Palace of Culture - cultural union of Belarus, the center of mass cultural and educational work. Built in 1954. Opened July 3, 1956. Architect V. Yershov. Located at Independence Avenue, 25 (metro station "October Square." Has several rooms, studios. Main facade faces the October Square.

Palace culture Palace culture

National Palace of Culture is no coincidence as one of the symbols of the Belarusian architecture - its history and development echoes the history of the country.

For the construction of the monumental palace in the capital, we invited the famous architect Vladimir Yershov. Why him? Before the war, in Moscow, the architect designed and built two underground stations, the Pavilion at VDNKh. Belorussian customers appreciated the beauty of the architecture, and called him to Minsk. Yershov made up of elongated construction of the palace, having a strictly symmetrical rectangular volume, and set it on a high base. The main facade resolved in the form of a 10-column portico. Inside seen coffered vault (with dimples polygonal shape). The monumentality and grandeur of the temple of arts emphasize the sculptures on the pediments of the main and rear facades.

The grand opening of the Palace of Culture on July 3, 1956, and he soon became a favorite place of Minsk residents and guests.

Palace culture

Each year, the palace attended more than 100 thousand people. There were equipped by movie (for lectures and education) and dance halls (visited also by well-known Lee Harvey Oswald) and a rich library.


500 Rubels 2006

sculptures Palace culture

The Sculptural group on the pediment of Republican Trade Unions' Palace of Culture (sculptors A. Glebov, V. Popov, S. Selikhanov).

The Palace on the large granite pedestal was extremely lavishly decorated with sculptures and stucco. The facade was decorated by sculptural group of works by such masters as Alexei Glebov, Sergei Selikhanov and Victor Popov. But there is evidence that in its creation took part Sergei Adashkevich and Roberman brothers. In any case, the work on this huge subject had to draw a huge number of artists, decorators, designers and sculptors.

If you would look closely, there is a girl with a violin, the boy with the globe, worker, peasant, and intellectual athlete. It is believed, that this is an image of Vladimir Ershov (intelligent?). And the other characters have a specific prototype, who posed for a sculptor. Among others, the diva Larisa Alexandrovskaja. Thus, the sculptural decoration of the Palace became a separate prominent chapter in the history of Belorussian culture. (Сергей Харевский rus.)


500 rubles series of 2000 were issued in 39 prefixes: Нн, Но, Нп, Нс, Нт, Нх, Нч, Ма, Мб, Мв, Мг, Ме, Чх, Чэ, Чя, Пг, Пе, Пк, Пл, Кв, Кг, Кд, Ке, Кк, Ба, Бб, Бв, Вт, Вх, Вч, Га, Гб, Еб, Ев, Лэ, Ля, Ль, Са, Сб.

Series Ма, Мб, Мв, Мг, Ме - in 2001; Чх, Чэ, Чя - in 2004; Пг, Пе, Пк, Пл - in 2006; Кв, Кг, Кд, Ке, Кк - in 2007; Ба, Бб, Бв - in 2010; Вт, Вх, Вч - in 2011; Га, Гб - in 2012; Еб, Ев - in 2013; Лэ, Ля, Ль, Са, Сб - in 2015. ( .rus)