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2 Taka 2007, Bangladesh

in Krause book Number: 6c
Years of issue: 2007
Edition: --
Signatures: Secretary of Finance: Siddique ur Rehman Chaudhry
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 1988
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 100 x 60
Printer: The Security Printing Corporation Bangladesh Ltd., Dhaka

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2 Taka 2007




Tiger's head. Security thread with repeating micro printed in Bengali is on the right side.


2 Taka 2007

Martyr MonumentThe Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument) is a national monument in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established to commemorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations of 1952.

On February 21, 1952, dozens of students and political activists were killed when the Pakistani police force opened fire on Bengali protesters who were demanding equal status for their native tongue, Bengali. The massacre occurred near Dhaka Medical College and Ramna Park in Dhaka. A makeshift monument was erected on February 23 by students of University of Dhaka and other educational institutions, but soon demolished on February 26 by the Pakistani police force.

The Language Movement gained momentum, and after a long struggle, Bengali was given equal status with Urdu. To commemorate the dead, the Shaheed Minar was designed and built by Hamidur Rahman, a Bangladeshi sculptor. The monument stood until the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, when it was demolished completely during Operation Searchlight. After Bangladesh gained independence, it was rebuilt.

At present, all national, mourning, cultural and other activities held each year, regarding 21 February, have been centered around the Shaheed Minar.

In the center is a bouquet of flowers.


2 Taka 2007

Copsychus saularis

The Oriental Magpie-Robin (Copsychus saularis) is a small passerine bird that was formerly classed as a member of the thrush family Turdidae, but now considered an Old World flycatcher. They are distinctive black and white birds with a long tail that is held upright as they forage on the ground or perch conspicuously. Occurring across most of the Indian Subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia, they are common birds in urban gardens as well as forests. They are particularly well known for their songs and were once popular as cage birds.

The Oriental Magpie - Robin is national bird for Bangladesh.


Links left is a national emblem of Bangladesh. Was adopted shortly after independence in 1971. Located on the emblem is a water lily, that is bordered on two sides by rice sheaves. Above the water lilly are four stars and a three connected jute leaves. The water lily is the country's national flower, and is representative of the many rivers that run through Bangladesh. Rice represents its presence as the staple food of Bangladesh, and for the agriculture of that nation. The four stars represent the four founding principles that were originally enshrined in the first constitution of Bangladesh in 1972: nationalism, secularism, socialism, and democracy.


Interesting fact:

Bangladesh area does not exceed the area of the Murmansk region of Russia in its territory, but it is home to nearly as many people as in all Russia.