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10 Penni 1919, Estonia

in Krause book Number: 40b
Years of issue: 12.1919
Edition: 5 535 428
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 1919 Issue
Specimen of: 12.1919
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 68 x 42
Printer: Riigi Trukikoda, Tallinn

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10 Penni 1919




10 Penni 1919

Stylized sea, waves, island and seagull over the waves.

Denominations in numeral and in words are on right and left sides.


10 Penni 1919

Denomination in numeral and in words.


Withdrawn from circulation: 01.08.1927

Banknote paper is made in Räpina, Eesti.

Paper factory in Räpina is the oldest operating company in Estonia, and one of the oldest existing paper mills throughout Europe.

Designer: E. Poland.