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10000 Pesos 2006, Chile

in Krause book Number: 157c
Years of issue: 2006
Edition: --
Signatures: Presidente: Vittorio Corbo Lioi, Gerente General: Leonardo Hernandez Tagle
Serie: Serie 1994 - 2007
Specimen of: 07.1989
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 145 x 70
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Co Ltd., Basingstoke

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10000 Pesos 2006




Frigate Captain Arturo Prat Chacón.


10000 Pesos 2006

Frigate Captain Arturo Prat ChacónThe engraving on banknote is made after this image of Frigate Captain Arturo Prat Chacón.

Agustín Arturo Prat Chacón (April 3, 1848 - May 21, 1879) was a Chilean lawyer and navy officer. He was killed shortly after boarding the Peruvian armored monitor Huáscar at the Naval Battle of Iquique after the ship under his command, the Esmeralda, was rammed by the Peruvian monitor. Prat, as captain of the Esmeralda, was the first to board the Huáscar.

During his career, Prat had taken part in several major naval engagements, including battles at Papudo (a coastal city north of Valparaíso) (1865), and at the Battle of Abtao (1866), at the islet of Abtao across from Chiloé Island. Following his death, his name became a rallying cry for Chilean forces, and Arturo Prat has since been considered a national hero.

A strip of guilloches and ornaments covers the lower edge.

The title "BANCO CENTRAL DE CHILE" is printed on two lines at the top.

The number "10000" appears in different sizes and styles on the top and bottom left-hand corners. The number "10" with the word "MIL" ("thousand) immediately below appears on the top right-hand corner.The words "DIEZ MIL PESOS" (ten thousand pesos) appear on two lines in the center of the banknote.

The words "PRESIDENTE" (President) and "GERENTE GENERAL" (General Manager) are printed on the bottom above the strip of guilloches, from left to right, respectively. These titles carry the respective signatures and the date of printing lies between them.

The words "CAPITÁN DE FRAGATA DON ARTURO PRAT CHACÓN" (Frigate Captain Arturo Prat Chacón) appear on two lines in the right-hand corner and next to the main motif.

The serial letters followed by 7 (seven) digits appear in the upper left-hand corner, below the number 10000. It is duplicated in smaller print to the right of the main motif. Underneath the center of the lower border the banknote sometimes carries the imprint "CASA DE MONEDA DE CHILE". Otherwise it remains blank.The front includes security backgrounds and guilloches. The number that corresponds to the location of the banknote in the sheet appears on the right half.


10000 Pesos 2006

Hacienda San AugstinThe image of the houses of the Hacienda San Agustín estate, where the hero was born.

La Hacienda de San Agustín del Puñual in Ninhue is a rural construction of 1780, which had its heyday in times when Chile exported wheat to California and Australia. Their owners were Don Pedro Chacón y Morales and his wife Concepción Barrios, who received these lands to his daughter Maria Rosario Chacon with her husband Pierre Augustin Prat Barril, after a fire razed their property in Santiago.

On April 3, 1848 born Arturo Prat Chacón in this Hacienda, which dwelt during their first year of life, because with the end of the gold rush a large decline in the agricultural economy of the region is generated, so the family must sell the property and return to Santiago.

Subsequently, the Cradle House Prat passes through successive owners and suffers the ravages of earthquakes of Chillán (1939) and Valdivia (1960), which left in deplorable conditions, which does not prevent that in the year 1968 be declared Monument Nacional.

The declaration motivated a group of people, to initiate the steps taken to find ways that would lead to the recovery of this historic Hacienda and was so in 1976 the Corporation Pro Sanctuary cot Prat, which was headed is created by German-Chilean subsequently naturalized citizen Don Walter Grohmann Borchers, the Lions Club of Valparaiso and the Chilean Navy, who developed the project of reconstruction of the Treasury, supported by architect René Adaros Don Alvarez, to transform it into the Sanctuary, which was inaugurated on April 3, 1979 and allowed this historic site remain open to the public until February 27, 2010. (Empresa oceano span.)

The words "HACIENDA SAN AGUSTÍN DE PUÑUAL (NINHUE) CUNA DE DON ARTURO PRAT CHACÓN" (San Agustín De Puñual (Ninhue) Estate: Cradle of Arturo Prat Chacón") are printed below the main motif.

The main motif includes the figure of a woman, that holds a shield in her left-hand and a flag in her right-hand. Probably, that is an allegory of Chile and country's Victories.

The title "BANCO CENTRAL DE CHILE" appears on the upper part over one line. Below, a strip of guilloches with "DIEZ MIL PESOS" (ten thousand pesos) printed over it in white letters; the number "10" appears on the lower left-hand corner with the word "MIL" (thousand) immediately below. The number "10000" appears in the other three corners in different sizes and styles.

The back includes security ornaments, backgrounds and guilloches. The number that corresponds to the location of the banknote in the sheet appears on the right half.


Printing Process: Offset, Intaglio and Typography.

Strand threaded vertically through the paper, to the left of the main motif on the front of the banknote and spanning its entire length, micro printing repeats the words "DIEZ MIL" (ten thousand) along its entire length.

Coinciding motif located on the upper half of the banknote toward the left on the front of the banknote and the right on the back. It consists of part of the lines that make up a five-point star that like the other figures that surround it, needs to be looked at against the light for the image to be seen in its entirety.

When the banknote is held under ultra-violet light, the paper itself does not glow but small fibers embedded in the paper and scattered randomly across both sides of the note, glow yellow and blue.

On the back of the note a florescent disc will appear on the bottom right of the main motif when the note is seen ultra-violet light.

On the back of the note a florescent number will appear on the top left hand corner of the main motif when it is seen under ultra-violet light, for those banknotes printed in the year 2006.