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200 Hryven 2011, Ukraine

in Krause book Number: 123
Years of issue: 2011
Edition: --
Signatures: Голова правління банку: Сергей Арбузов (с 23.12.2010 - 24.12.2012)
Serie: 2007 Issue
Specimen of: 2007
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 148 х 75
Printer: Банкнотно-монетный двор Нацбанка Украины, Киев

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200 Hryven 2011




Made on a special rose paper, which does not fluoresce under ultraviolet light, with multicolored water marks, in the form of a portrait, that matches the portrait printed on the front of the banknote.

Contains: grid microprinting, security thread, raised elements, combine image, iris print, sign for the visually impaired, the latent image, invisible security fibers, fluorescent serial number, hidden nominal, magnetic number.


200 Hryven 2011

On the background, in the central part, is a composition of contour drawing of Literary Memorial Museum of Lesya Ukrainka in the village of Kolodiazhne and a tonal pattern of Ukrainian wreath with red ribbons.

Lesya UkrainkaLarysa Petrivna Kosach-Kvitka (Лариса Петрівна Косач-Квітка, February 25 [O.S. February 13] 1871 - August 1 [O.S. July 19] 1913) better known under her literary pseudonym Lesya Ukrainka (Леся Українка), was one of Ukraine's best-known poets and writers and the foremost woman writer in Ukrainian literature. She also was a political, civil, and female activist.

In center is an excerpt from a poem by Lesya Ukrainka: "…За правду, браття, єднаймось щиро, Єдиний маєм правий шлях……" or "...For truth, brothers, unite frankly, we all have common right path...".

On the left side of the banknote is a graphic representation of Lesya Ukrainka.

The inscriptions: "УКРАЇНА" (Ukraine) and "НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ" (National Bank of Ukraine), and the banknote face value in words and numerals. Ornaments and rosettes printed in multicolored printing complete the design. Portraits, inscriptions and individual decorative elements are printed in relief printing.


200 Hryven 2011

The background of banknote consist from an artistic composition, containing an image of architectural structures - a tower (right) and a stork in flight - in the center. On the right side, between denominations, is a flower lily.

Above is an inscription: "НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ" (National Bank of Ukraine). The banknote face value is printed in words and there is the numerical indication of the denomination in the four corners of the banknote. Below there is the banknote issue year. Rosettes, threads and ornaments, which are printed in multicolored printing, complete the design.

An inscription: "В'ЇЗНА ВЕЖА ЛУЦЬКОГО ЗАМКУ" (Inbound Tower of Lutsk Castle) as a half-circle, right of the tower. Under the tower is an inscription: "Київ 2007" (Kiev 2007).

lutsk zamok

Lutsk High Castle, also known as Lubart's Castle, began its life in the mid-XIV century as the fortified seat of Gediminas' son Liubartas (Lubart), the last ruler of united Galicia-Volhynia. It is the most prominent landmark of Lutsk, Ukraine.


The banknote with the signature of Sergey Arbuzov been issued into circulation since 11 November 2011.