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50 Gulden 1982, Netherlands

in Krause book Number: 96
Years of issue: 07.09.1982
Edition: --
Signatures: Secretaris: F.F.Posthumus Meyjes, President: Willem Frederik "Wim" Duisenberg
Serie: 1977 - 1985 Issue
Specimen of: 04.01.1982
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 142 х 76
Printer: Joh. Enschede en Zonen, Haarlem

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50 Gulden 1982




The bee.


50 Gulden 1982

sunflower bee sunflower bee sunflower bee

The big and beautiful sunflower and a bee on it.

Denominations in numerals top left and bottom right. In words on the right side.


50 Gulden 1982

A field of sunflowers and a map in the background.

Micro text at the left side in Dutch:

"Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 208

Hij die muntspeciën of munt- of bankbiljetten namaakt of vervalst, met het oogmerk om die muntspeciën of munt- of bankbiljetten als echt en onvervalst uit te geven of te doen uitgeven, wordt gestraft met gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste negen jaren."

Also in English:

"Penalty Code Article 208: He who imitates coins or notes of banknotes with the intention to issue for real, or have these coins or notes or banknotes issued for real, will be punished with imprisonment of up to nine years."

The complete penalty text is 4x printed, in 4 different font heights and colors.

Denominations in numerals bottom left and top right.


Designers: R.D.E Oxenaar, J.J. Kruit.

Issued into circulation at 7 September 1982.

Built into the paper fibers, in the ultraviolet, are yellow.