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100 Kroner 1986, Norway

in Krause book Number: 43c
Years of issue: 06.1986
Edition: 690 180 000 (all years)
Signatures: Direksjonens Formann: Hermod Skånland (in office 1985-1993), Hovedkasserer: Kare Sagard
Serie: Series VI
Specimen of: 1979
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 145 х 78
Printer: Norges Bank, Oslo (till 2008)

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100 Kroner 1986




Jacobine Camilla Collett.


100 Kroner 1986

Camilla Jacobine Collett

The engraving on banknote made after this portrait of Camilla Collett, painted by Johan Gørbitz (8 September 1782 – 3 July 1853), in 1839.

Jacobine Camilla Collett (née Wergeland) (23 January 1813 - 6 March 1895) was a Norwegian writer, often referred to as the first Norwegian feminist. She was also the younger sister of Norwegian poet Henrik Wergeland, and is recognized as being one of the first contributors to realism in Norwegian literature. Her younger brother was Major General Joseph Frantz Oscar Wergeland.

Her most famous work is her only novel, Amtmandens Døtre (The District Governor's Daughters) which was published anonymously in two separate parts in 1854 and 1855. The book is considered one of the first political and social realism novels in Norway and deals with the difficulties of being a woman in a patriarchical society in general and forced marriages specifically. It is believed that her personal experiences in life, specifically her relationship with Welhaven, influenced the book. After this book, she wrote very little fiction, but did continue to write essays, polemics, and her memoirs.

Denomination in numeral and in words in center.


100 Kroner 1986

XV century silver buckle (Sølje) is centered.

Sølje is Norway’s traditional silver jewelry. Its dangling spoons once were thought to reflect evil away from the wearer, protecting one from trolls and other dangers, especially in times of transition.

Denomination in numeral and in words on the right side.


Invalid from 05.09.2008.

Three major changes were introduced with this series: The 10-krone note was discontinued and replaced by a coin in 1983, Camilla Collett was depicted on the 100-krone note from 1977 and was the first woman to appear on a Norwegian banknote and the 50-krone note issued in 1985 featured text in Nynorsk with the name of the Bank rendered as NOREGS BANK.

For this series, examples of Norwegian arts and handicrafts from earlier periods were chosen as motifs for the reverse.

The notes were designed by Norges Bank's graphics department based on an idea of Leif F. Anisdahl.