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50 Colones 1993, Costa Rica

in Krause book Number: 257a
Years of issue: 07.07.1993
Edition: 20 000 000
Signatures: Presidente Ejecutivo: Carlos Manuel Castillo Morales, Gerente: Carlos Muñoz Vega
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 19.06.1991
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 155 х 66
Printer: TDLR (Thomas de la Rue & Company), London

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50 Colones 1993




50 Colones 1993

Gaspar Napoleón Ortuño y Ors (1852 - 18 March 1902). Born in Spain. He arrived at Costa Rica in 1861 as Vice-consul of Spain. He was one of the founders of the Banco Unión, that later became Banco de Costa Rica, than later became Banco Central de Costa Rica.


On left side is a reverse of the 50 Céntavos 1866 coin.

Denominations in numerals are in lower right and top left corners. In center in words.


50 Colones 1993


The old building of national bank.

The Banco de Costa Rica was created as Banco de la Unión on April 20, 1877. Its partner and most important forerunner was Gaspar Ortuño y Ors, who came from a family with a coffee-growing tradition and thought of forging a financial company to carry out loan and deposit-taking activities, among others. In 1890, Banco de la Unión was renamed Banco de Costa Rica.

In the 1890s, the Soto-Ortuño Contract, a document promulgated by the then President of the Republic, Bernardo Soto Alfaro, allowed the Bank of Costa Rica to be a currency issuer, with the aim of solving the needs of the growing economy, derived from the different commercial activities that were gaining strength in those years. in the country.

By 1928, the Bank of Costa Rica already had bank branches in the ports of Limón and Puntarenas, its first step in the decentralization of services that until then were concentrated in the capital, San José.


On right side is obverse of 50 Centavos 1866 coin.

Denomination in large numeral are in lower and top left corners, at top center in words.