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1 Fen 1981, China

in Krause book Number: 860с
Years of issue: 14.07.1981
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 1953 Issue
Specimen of: 1953
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 90 х 42.5
Printer: China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM)

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1 Fen 1981




1 Fen 1981


Produce truck ZIS-150.

The ZIS-150 was a Soviet truck. In 1947 it replaced the ZiS-5 truck on assembly line. ZIS-150 together with GAZ-51 was the main Soviet truck of the 1950s, judging by their quantity. The design of ZIS-150 was copied from the 1942-1945 International Harvester K 8 truck[citation needed]. A tractor-trailer version of the ZIS-150, the ZIS-120N (copied from the 1942-1945 International Harvester KR 11 tractor-trailer) was sold from 1956-1957. In 1957, the base ZIS-150 model was replaced by ZIL-164, which differed outwardly only by vertical grille bars and bumper. ZIS-150 was also manufactured in Braşov, Romania between 1954-1960 as the "Steagul Rosu" (Red Flag) SR-101 and in China as the Jie Fang CA-10 at First Automobile Works. At least one prototype was built in North Korea under the name "Chollima".

Years of production: 1947 - 1957.

Overall production: 774615 units.

Denomination 壹分: "i" (one) "fen" (one hundreds) is on the left side.


1 Fen 1981


The national emblem of the People's Republic of China contains in a red circle a representation of Tiananmen Gate, the entrance gate to the Forbidden City, where Mao declared the foundation of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949. Above this representation are the five stars found on the national flag. The largest star represents the Communist Party of China, while the four smaller stars represent the four social classes as defined in Maoism. The outer border of the red circle shows sheaves of wheat and the inner sheaves of rice, which together represent agricultural workers. At the center of the bottom portion of the border is a cog-wheel that represents industrial workers.

Denominations are on the left and right sides.

Each note has the words "People's Bank of China" as well as the denomination in the Chinese (on the top) Uyghur (left side), Tibetan (right side) and Mongolian (at the bottom) languages on the back.


Fen is a unit of currency used in Greater China, including People's Republic of China (Mainland China), Republic of China (Taiwan), Hong Kong and Macao. One fen is equal to one-hundredth of a yuan or tenth of a Chinese jiao.