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5 Dollars 1935, Canada

in Krause book Number: PS558
Years of issue: 02.10.1935 - 1939
Signatures: General Manager: Mr. W.A. Bog , President:Mr. C.B. Gordon
Serie: Bank of Montreal
Specimen of: 02.10.1935
Material: 75 % Cotton, 25 % Linen
Size (mm): 152.4 х 73.02
Printer: Canadian Bank Note Company Limited, Ottawa

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5 Dollars 1935




Unlear image.


5 Dollars 1935

The coat of arms of Montreal is centered.

coat Bank of Montreal

The first coat of arms of Montreal was designed by Jacques Viger, the city's first mayor, and adopted in 1833 by the city councillors. Modifications were made some one hundred five years later.

The first coat of arms was displayed on white shield, which had a red saltire with four different charges between each of the arms, representative of the four main components of the population as viewed by Mayor Jacques Viger and the city council in 1833 when the coat of arms were designed and adopted. To the top, a rose was for the English heritage of the population, the dexter a thistle for the Scots, the sinister a sprig of clover for the Irish heritage of the city and to the bottom base a beaver for the French that originally settled the territory and traded in furs.

Supporters - sitting Indians. At the top of it - the beaver. Originally performed with bright colors.

The Supporters sitting on a platform, below is the cornucopia with fruits.

On the left side - Mr. W.A. Bog, General manager of the Bank, with his signature underneath.

On the right side - Mr. C.B. Gordon, The President of the Bank, with his signature underneath.

Denominations are in all corners in numerals.

In the top corners - in Arabian numerals.

In the bottom corners - in Roman numerals.


5 Dollars 1935

Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal's Head Office on Place d'Armes (opposite Notre Dame Basilica) in Montreal, Canada.

The Bank of Montreal's Head Office is located on Saint Jacques Street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, across the Place d'Armes from the Notre-Dame Basilica in the Old Montreal neighbourhood. The Bank of Montreal is the oldest bank in Canada, founded in 1817. Although it still remains the bank's legal headquarters, its operational head office was moved to First Canadian Place in Toronto in 1977 due to political instability in Quebec.

The centrepiece of the complex is the Bank of Montreal Main Branch, a Pantheon-like building built by John Wells in 1847. The building was inspired by the design of the former headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The building is in neoclassical style. The sculpted pediment of the building was done by Sir John Steell. Enlargements to the building were made in 1901–1905 by the New York City firm of McKim, Mead & White.

The Bank of Montreal Museum features exhibits about the history of the bank, including a XIX-century teller's window, photos, coins and banknotes, cheques and mechanical piggybanks. The displays are located in the passage between the old building and the current head office. The museum is open during regular bank hours and admission is free.

On dexter and sinister are denominations in numerals.