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1 Pound Sterling 1966, Guernsey

in Banknotes Book Number: GU33b
Years of issue: 01.07.1966
Edition: --
Signatures: Treasurer: Mr. L.A. Guillemette
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 01.08.1945
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 155 x 87
Printer: Perkins & Bacon Co Ltd, London

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1 Pound Sterling 1966




1 Pound Sterling 1966

Ornamental frame is around.


The view on the Saint Peter Port's harbor. On background is Cornet castle.

Saint Peter Port is the capital of Guernsey as well as the main port.

The main port of the island accepts both passenger and cargo ships. According to the assurances of archaeologists, the first shipments to the island date back to the 3rd century AD. We are talking about the ships of the Roman Empire.

Denominations in words are in all corners. Centered in numeral.


1 Pound Sterling 1966

The panel with Guernsey's coat of arms or emblem in the middle.

The coat of arms of Guernsey is the official symbol of the Channel Island of Guernsey. It is a red shield with three gold lions (historically described as leopards) passant guardant surmounted by a small branch of leaves. It is very similar to the arms of Normandy, Jersey and England.


Security strip.

The pound is the currency of Guernsey. Since 1921, Guernsey has been in currency union with the United Kingdom and the Guernsey pound is not a separate currency but is a local issue of banknotes and coins denominated in pound sterling, in a similar way to the banknotes issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It can be exchanged at par with other sterling coinage and notes.