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1 Afghani 2002, Afghanistan

in Krause book Number: 64
Years of issue: 07.10.2002
Signatures: Governor: Anwar ul-Haq Ahady, Minister of Finanse: Hedayat Amin Arsala
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 07.10.2002
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 131 x 55
Printer: Giesecke und Devrient GmbH, Muenchen

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1 Afghani 2002




The mausoleum of Mirwais Hotak in the Kokaran section of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Mirwais Khan Hotak (میرویس خان ہوتکی), also known as Mir Vais Ghilzai (1673 - November 1715), was an influential tribal chief of the Ghilzai Pashtuns from Kandahar, Afghanistan, who founded the Hotaki dynasty that existed from 1709 to 1738.


1 Afghani 2002


Emblem of "Da Afghanistan Bank" is on right side.

Is is an ancient coin from the period of the Great King Eukridates. On the top of a semi-circle is an Arabic inscription: Da Afghanistan Bank. Two cornucopia with some gold coins at the bottom. The year of establishment of the bank are on right and left sides.

The reverse of the coin - the legendary twins bothers Dioscuri, the sons of Zeus and Leda, and the inscription "Grand Basileus Eucratides".


1 Afghani 2002

mosque mosque

The Shrine of IV Khalifah Hazrat Ali (R.A) , also known as the Blue Masjid, is a Masjid located in the heart of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. It is one of the reputed burial places of Ali Bin Abu Talib, cousin and son-in law of Prophet Muhammad. The site includes a series of five separate buildings, with the Shrine of 4th Khalifah Hazrat Ali (R.A) being in the center and the Masjid at the western end so that Muslims can pray towards the direction of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The site is further surrounded by numerous gardens with places for people to sit or walk around. The mazar is the building which gives the city its name, (meaning "Tomb of the Exalted"). According to Shia Muslim belief, 4th Khalifah Hazrat Ali (R.A) was originally buried by his two sons, Hasan and Hussein in an undisclosed location, which was later made known by the great, grandson of Husayn and Sixth Shia Imam, Ja'far as-Sadiq - as the grave that is found within Imam Ali Masjid in Najaf, Iraq.

Beautiful Miracle of Mazar-e Sharif - the white pigeons, several thousand of which inhabits around the mosque.

According to ancient legend, on the tomb of the saint Ali live a hundred thousand white doves. Convert them is difficult, but believe it should be - just come to terms with the inexplicable phenomenon. A huge flock of absolutely identical white birds on a blue dome of the ancient mosque - not a sight for the atheists.

It is believed that if the dark doves get there, that is because of the sanctity of this place in 40 days are white too.

A remarkable detail - the dome of the shrine, even with such a high density of restless birds are always clean.

No wonder they are depicted on the reverse!


Interesting fact:

Afghanistan has no official language. Population speaks several languages, including: Persian, Uzbek, Turkmen and others.