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50 Manat 2020, Azerbaijan

in Krause book Number: 42
Years of issue: 2020
Signatures: Governor of Azerbaijan Central Bank: Elman Rustamov (In office 13 January 1995 - 12 April 2022)
Serie: 2018 Issue
Specimen of: 2005
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 148 x 70
Printer: Giesecke und Devrient GmbH, Leipzig

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50 Manat 2020




Coat of arms of Azerbaijan and denomination 50.


The state emblem of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan gerbi) mixes traditional and modern symbols. The focal point of the emblem is a stylized flame. The flame is in the shape of the word "Allah" written in Arabic (ﷲ‎) to represent the country's majority-Muslim population. As well as a reference to Azerbaijan's eternal natural oil-gas resources, which has given it the nickname "land of eternal fire".

The emblem is supported by a crossed stalk of wheat and an oak bough. Wheat is the symbol of abundance in Azerbaijan. Also, wheat bread is the main staple food. The oak tree is the symbol of power and youth in time.


50 Manat 2020

Topic - education and future.

In the foreground are The Youth, stairs (as a symbol of progress), the sun (as a symbol of force and light) and chemical and mathematical symbols (as signs of science).

On background are 3 buildings. No matter how much I searched for them, so far, I could not find them. Assumptions were different (if these are not purely symbolic buildings!)

And the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (since the theme of the banknote is education and the future), and the Hajinsky House and the Palace of Happiness and others, but none of them still look like the central building of the background of the banknote .. So, I'm looking. I would be very grateful if someone could help with information on these houses!


I received a response to my request from the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, they did not tell me exactly which world educational institutions were taken to be depicted on the banknote, but ... now, at least, it is clear that these are not buildings in Baku.

50 Manat50 Manat

50 Manat 2018 in UV.


50 Manat 2020

Stylized map of Azerbaijan.

On background are the patyterns (ornament) from Azerbaijani carpets.