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100 Kuna 1943, Croatia

in Krause book Number: 11
Years of issue: 15.09.1943
Signatures: Podpredsjednik: Dr. Junus Mehmedagić, Predsjednik: Dr. Dragutin Toth
Serie: Hrvatska Državna Banka
Specimen of: 01.09.1943
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 152 x 72
Printer: Giesecke und Devrient GmbH, Leipzig

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100 Kuna 1943




Tuning fork pattern.


100 Kuna 1943


The pattern on the obverse with birds and flowers is taken from one of the 12 side relief panels of the baptistery of St.John the Baptist in Split, the second largest city in Croatia, on the site of the former temple of Jupiter. This marble pluteus is located on the facade of the southern wing of the mentioned baptistery, and bears distinct features of the pre-Romanesque style period, dates from the middle or second half of the XI century.


100 Kuna 1943

Many thanks to Vedran Krušelj from Zagreb, Croatia for the information about girl with child on banknote.

Here is, what he wrote to me:


"The mother and child are dressed in the folk costume of a place called Šestine. At the time the banknote was created, that place was a village near the capital Zagreb, and today it´s an integral part of it".


Designed by Vladimir Kirin.