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20 Francs 1962, Republic of Congo

in Krause book Number: 4a
Years of issue: 15.08.1962
Signatures: Le Gouverneur: Albert Ndela Mbamu
Serie: 1962 Issue
Specimen of: 15.11.1961
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 140 x 74
Printer: Joh. Enschede en Zonen, Haarlem

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20 Francs 1962




Same female, as on obverse.


20 Francs 1962

Floral ornament on the background. On the right is a seated woman, with ornaments on her legs and head.

So far, I have not found similar jewelry. I would be very grateful for any info on the obverse of this banknote.


20 Francs 1962

Symbolic tree of life, rebirth. Date of independence of the Congo - June 30, 1960, below.


Designer: J. Staphorst.