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100 kroner 2007, Denmark

in Krause book Number: 61g
Years of issue: 2007
Signatures: Governor: Nils Bernstein, Head of Banking Services: Lars Gerrild Sørensen
Serie: Famous personalities
Specimen of: 2002
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 135 х 72
Printer: Banknote Printing Works and The Royal Danish Mint, Copenhagen

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100 kroner 2007




Carl August Nielsen.

Hologram: Two musical notes, the Roman numeral "C" and the number "100" When the note is tilted the "C" grows larger and a rainbow appears. Using a magnifying glass, it is possible to see a microprinted "100" in the outer line around the letter "C". Fluorescent effects: Basilisk on obverse and orange print on the reverse.


100 kroner 2007

Carl August NielsenThe engraving on banknote is, probably, made by this photo, from around 1908.

Carl August Nielsen (9 June 1865 - 3 October 1931) is widely recognized as Denmark's greatest composer, and is also recognized as being a skilled conductor and a violinist. Brought up by poor but musically talented parents on the island of Funen, he demonstrated his musical abilities at an early age. While it was some time before his works were fully appreciated, even in his home country, Nielsen has now firmly entered the international repertoire. Especially in Europe and the United States, Nielsen's music is ever more frequently performed, with interest growing in other countries as well. Carl Nielsen is especially admired for his six symphonies, his Wind Quintet and his concertos for violin, flute and clarinet. In Denmark, his opera Maskarade and a considerable number of his songs have become an integral part of the national heritage. While his early music was inspired by composers such as Brahms and Grieg, he soon started to develop his own style, first experimenting with progressive tonality and later diverging even more radically from the standards of composition still common at the time.

Denominations in numerals are centered and in top right corner. In words is centered.


100 kroner 2007

Basilisk Basilisk BasiliskThe Basilisk on the apse at Tømmerby Church in Northern Denmark. The rooster feets, wings and head and the snake tail are evident, as the crown on its head - the symbol to be the king of snakes.

Basilisk BasiliskTømmerby Church is situated high above and with a wonderful view over Vejlerne, the vast sanctuary of the birds by Limfjorden.The large Romanesque church in Thy was consecrated to the English Saint Botwulf, (Danish Budwolfi). It was probably built by an English building master, even though it lacks some of the details of similar churches in Vestervig, in Thy, and Vejby, in North Zealand. The church was built in 1125-1175, and the tower and porch are from ab 1500. The Romanesque building is in granite ashlars. Three Romanesque windows are preserved. The still open north door has a tympanum with a relief of a dragon, the south door stands as an inside niche, outside it has almost disappeared. Its tympanum with God's lamb is now in Lild church. (

Denominations in numeral and in words are in top right corner.


All Danish banknotes issued since 1945, remain in force and will be exchanged at face value by the Danish National Bank.

Put into circulation on November 27, 2002.

Withdrawn May 4, 2010.