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5 Centai 1922, Lithuania

in Krause book Number: 2
Years of issue: 10.09.1922
Signatures: V. Petrulis, J. Dulskis, I. Jazdauskas
Serie: 10.09.1922 Issue
Specimen of: 1922
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 80 х 52
Printer: Otto Elsner, Berlin

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5 Centai 1922




5 Centai 1922

Inscription at the top: "Lietuvos Banko laikinasis banknotas. Pristačiusiam Lietuvos Bankas keičia į litus".

In English: "Temporary banknote of the Bank of Lithuania. The Bank of Lithuania shall convert into litas".

Inscription at the bottom: "PEDIRBIMAS ĮSTATYMU BAUDŽIAMAS".

In English: "Falsification of banknotes is punishable by law".


5 Centai 1922


Lithuanian Coat of Arms (also known as Vytis) - the official state symbol of the independent Republic of Lithuania (the variant used from 1918 to 1940).

The coat of arms of Lithuania, consisting of an armour-clad knight on horseback holding an olden sword and shield, is also known as Vytis (pronounced [ʋiːt̪ɪs], "the Chaser"). The Lithuanian coat of arms is one of the oldest national coats of arms in Europe.

"The Coat of Arms of the State shall be a white Vytis on a red field". Heraldic shield features the field Gules (red) with an armoured knight on a horse salient Argent (white). The knight is holding in his dexter hand a sword Argent above his head. A shield Azure hangs on the sinister shoulder of the knight with a double cross Or (yellow) on it. The horse saddle, straps, and belts are Azure. The hilt of the sword and the fastening of the sheath, the stirrups, the curb bits of the bridle, the horseshoes, as well as the decoration of the harness, are Or (gold).

The blazon is the following:

Gules, a knight armed cap-à-pie mounted on a horse salient argent, brandishing a sword proper and maintaining a shield azure charged with a cross of Lorraine Or."