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1 Gulden 1923, Danzig

in Krause book Number: 38a
Years of issue: 22.10.1923
Signatures: Unknown signature
Serie: 1923 Issue
Specimen of: 1923
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 92 х 64
Printer: Unknown printer

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1 Gulden 1923




Verschlungene Quadrate (Tangled squares).


1 Gulden 1923

Danziger Kogge Danziger KoggeDanziger Kogge

On background is Danziger Cog.

A cog is a type of ship that first appeared in the X century, and was widely used from around the XII century on. Cogs were clinker-built, generally of oak. These vessels were fitted with a single mast and a square-rigged single sail. They were mostly associated with seagoing trade in north-west medieval Europe, especially the Hanseatic League. Typical seagoing cogs ranged from about 15 to 25 meters (49 to 82 ft.) in length, with a beam of 5 to 8 meters (16 to 26 ft.) and were 30–200 tons burthen. Cogs were rarely as large as 300 tons although a few were considerably larger, over 1,000 tons.

Although the name cog is recorded as early as the IX century, the seagoing vessel of that name seems to have evolved on the Frisian coast during the XII century. Cogs progressively replaced Viking-type ships in northern waters during the 13th century. Why this was the case is uncertain, but cogs could carry more cargo than knarr of a similar size. Their flat bottoms allowed them to settle on a level in harbour, making them easier to load and unload. Their high sides made them more difficult to board in a sea fight, which may have made them safer from pirates.

Text on the top: "Gegen diesen Kasseschein ist bei der Danziger Zentralkasse Aktiengesellschaft 1-25 Pounds hinterlegt. Dieser Betrag wird dem Inhaber dieses Scheines in Scheck auf London ausgezahlt bei Einreichnung vom Kassenscheinen im Betrage von mindestens 25 Danziger Gulden.

Danzig, 22 Oktober 1923.

Danziger Zentralkasse Aktiengesellschaft."

In English: "1/25 Pounds is deposited against this check at the Danziger Zentralkasse Aktiengesellschaft. This amount will be paid out to the holder of this note, in a check in London, if total checks in the amount of at least 25 Danzig Guldens are presented.

Danzig, October 22, 1923.

Danzig Central Bank Corporation."

Text on left side: "Für Ausschreibung von Scheck auf London werden 3 Pence erhalten."

In English: "3 Pence is fee for tendering this check in London."

Text at the bottom: "Dieser Kassenschein kann im Staatsanzeiger mit vierzehntätiger Frist zur Vorlegung aufgerufen werden und wird in einer weiteren einmonatigen Frist in andere gleichwertige Kassenscheine oder Danziger Guldenwährung umgetauscht."

In English: "This check can be called up for presentation in the state Gazette within fourteen days and will be exchanged for other equivalent receipts or Gulden currency within a further one-month period."


1 Gulden 1923