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50 Kronen 1902, Austria-Hungary

in Krause book Number: 6
Years of issue: 26.05.1902 - 31.12.1916
Signatures: Generalrat: Adolf Edler von Hohensee Wiesenburg, Gouverneur: Leon von Bilinski, Generalsekretär: Josef De Rohoncz Pranger; Fötanácsos: Josef M. Ritter von Pfeiffer, Kormányzó: Leon von Bilinski, Vezértikár: Josef De Rohoncz Pranger
Serie: 1900 - 1902 Issue
Specimen of: 02.01.1902
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 150 х 100
Printer: K.K. Staats-Central-Casse, Vienna

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50 Kronen 1902




Unclear pattern.


50 Kronen 1902

On the banknote, female allegories of agriculture (left) and science (right).

Austro hungary coat of arms

On top is Imperial coat of arms of Austria-Hungary from 1866 to 1915.

Imperial-Royal (k.k.) coat of arms of the Austrian Empire from 1804: the double-headed eagle with marshaled arms of Habsburg, Babenberg and Lorraine displayed on the Escutcheon, Order of the Golden Fleece and Imperial Crown.


50 Kronen 1902

Same as obverse, but in Hungarian language.

Hungary coat

Coat of arms of Hungary as part of Austria-Hungary, until 1915 (without holders).