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5 Rupees 1954, Seychelles

in Krause book Number: 11a
Years of issue: 01.08.1954
Edition: 298 861
Signatures: Governor: Mr. William Addis
Serie: 1954 Issue
Specimen of: 01.08.1954
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 160 х 100
Printer: TDLR (Thomas de la Rue & Company), London

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5 Rupees 1954




Rhombic pattern.


5 Rupees 1954

HM The Queen Elizabeth II

The original photograph, on which the engraving is based, was an official portrait taken around 1952 by Dorothy Wilding, in Buckingham palace.

HM The Queen Elizabeth II.

This early portrait of The Queen is believed to have been adapted from one of the photographs of Her Majesty, taken shortly after the death of her father in 1952. However, it is possible that this portrait was taken slightly earlier than some of the other portraits by Dorothy Wilding, which are described below, possibly before the death of her father. The portrait appears to have been taken specifically for coins and postage stamps, which traditionally show the profile of the monarch. However, some banknote designs by Thomas De La Rue had previously used the profiles of King George V and King George VI, and the profile of Her Majesty was required to continue the use of these designs.

This portrait depicts Queen Elizabeth in an evening dress, wearing a diamond necklace and simple pearl earrings.

South African Necklace and Bracelet

The diamond necklace was presented to Elizabeth in April 1947, while she was still a princess, as a gift from the people of South Africa. The necklace was originally constructed with twenty-one large diamonds, connected by links that contained two small brilliant-cut diamonds mounted to either side of a baguette diamond. Shortly after Elizabeth ascended the throne, she had the necklace shortened to fifteen large stones, with the remaining stones being made into a matching bracelet. The necklace worn in this portrait is the longer version yet. (From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault)

Occasionally, HM The Queen opts for a simple single pearl stud, an option she's used for years. These are usually seen at less formal occasions, or private ones, and were more common in her earlier years. Being such a simple design, it is often impossible to tell if appearances through the years are a single pair or different pairs (it seems highly likely she has more than one pair in her collection), and so they will all be grouped here regardless. (From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault)


5 Rupees 1954


Seychelles emblem from 1903 to 1961.

Seychelles coat used in the flag between 1903 and 1961. designed by Major-General Charles George Gordon. The badge consisted of a disc with a picture of the coast of Mahé with a Coco de mer on the shore, some shrubs and a giant Tortoise.

Below is the motto, on the tape: "Finis Coronat Opus" ("The end crowns the work").