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20 Kroner 1988, Denmark

in Krause book Number: 49g
Years of issue: 1988
Edition: --
Signatures: Erik Hoffmeyer, Herly
Serie: Portraits of Jens Juel and fauna of Denmark
Specimen of: 1979
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 125 х 72
Printer: Banknote Printing Works and The Royal Danish Mint, Copenhagen

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20 Kroner 1988




Jens Juel's palette with brushes.

Denomination 20.


20 Kroner 1988

Frederiksborg Slot Frederiksborg Slot Frederiksborg SlotThe Portrait of Pauline Maria Tutein (1725-1799), nee Rath, wife of Peter Conrad Tutein, merchant), by danish painter Jens Juel. The original painting is in National Historic Museum in Frederiksborg castle (Frederiksborg Slot), in Hillerød.

Pauline Maria Tutein was married, first time, with textile manufacturer Ernst Bruckner. After his death, she married merchant Peter Tutein (1724-1799), who in 1769 became a member of the Merchants' Guild. In 1796 donated Mrs. Tutein 4000 Riksdalern for the establishment of a girls' school at St. Petri Church, in Copenhagen. Jens Juel's portrait of Mrs. Tutein was painted in 1779.

Frederiksborg Slot Frederiksborg Slot Frederiksborg Slot Frederiksborg Slot

The Frederiksborg castle (Frederiksborg Slot), in Hillerød.

Denomination in numeral and in words is centered. Also in numeral in top right corner.


20 Kroner 1988

Passer domesticusTwo house sparrows drawn by illustrator of the Danish National Bank Gunnar Larsen (1919-1981).

The house sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a bird of the sparrow family Passeridae, found in most parts of the world. A small bird, it has a typical length of 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) and a mass of 24-39.5 grams (0.85-1.39 ounces). Females and young birds are coloured pale brown and grey, and males have brighter black, white, and brown markings. One of about 25 species in the genus Passer, the house sparrow is native to most of Europe, the Mediterranean region, and much of Asia. Its intentional or accidental introductions to many regions, including parts of Australia, Africa, and the Americas, make it the most widely distributed wild bird.

The house sparrow is strongly associated with human habitations, and can live in urban or rural settings. Though found in widely varied habitats and climates, it typically avoids extensive woodlands, grasslands, and deserts away from human development. It feeds mostly on the seeds of grains and weeds, but it is an opportunistic eater and commonly eats insects and many other foods. Its predators include domestic cats, hawks, owls, and many other predatory birds and mammals.

10 kroner

On March 11, 1980, the National Bank of Denmark issued a 20 kroner banknote that featured a picture of two house sparrows. Curiously, one of the sparrows appeared to be one-legged. This inspired the Roskilde Tidende newspaper to run a story that year announcing that all bills with one-legged birds were fake, but that they could be exchanged at the post office for genuine bills depicting two-legged birds.

Lines at post offices soon became so long, with people eager to exchange their fake bills, that post office employees had to put notices on the doors explaining that no currency exchange was taking place.

The hoax was the brainchild of artist/cartoonist Jan Robert Thoresen. He was subsequently questioned by the police, but let go without any charges being filed since there was no law against improving the country's currency. Nor was it plausible that any government would ever allow people to swap counterfeit banknotes for genuine ones. (

Denomination in numerals and in words is centered. Also in numeral in top right corner.


All Danish banknotes issued since 1945, remain in force and will be exchanged at face value by the Danish National Bank.

Issued at March 11, 1980.

Withdrawn at April 10, 1990.