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Temporary ID, 1941, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

no number in katalog -
Years of issue: 01.08.1941
Signatures: Unknown signature
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 1941
Material: Paper
Size (mm): 187 х 135
Printer: Unknown printer

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Temporary ID, 1941




Temporary ID, 1941

I got 2 documents that I decided to put on the site, despite the fact that these are not banknotes. It seems to me that these are quite interesting things, therefore ....

"People's Commissariat of Defense of the USSR

56th reserve rifle regiment


Number 123.

Temporary ID.

The bearer of this technician, 1st rankquartermaster Alexander Berezhnov, is in the Red Army, in the 56th spare rifle Regiment.

Valid until October 1, 1941.

Signature of the owner of the certificate:

Commander of the 56th Rifle Regiment, Captain:

Commissar f the 56th reserve rifle Regiment. Politruk:

Chief of Staff, Captain:".

Yes .. I was looking for some info about the 56th spare rifle Regiment. All that, so far, I managed to find is that it was formed in Kandalaksha, the Murmansk region, shortly before the start of the II World War (in USSR), on the basis of another military formation.


Temporary ID, 1941

White. Uniface.