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2000000000 Drachmes 1944, Greece

in Krause book Number: 133b
Years of issue: 11.10.1944
Edition: --
Signatures: Unknown signature
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 11.10.1944
Material: Unknown material
Size (mm): 139 x 61
Printer: Printing works department of Bank of Greece (Idryma Trapezis tis Ellados), Athens

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2000000000 Drachmes 1944




2000000000 Drachmes 1944

frieze frieze1

Fragments (blocks) from the southern frieze of the Parthenon, depicted on the banknote. These units are now in the British Museum in London.

The Parthenon frieze is the low-relief pentelic marble sculpture created to adorn the upper part of the Parthenon’s naos. It was sculpted between c. 443 and 438 BC, most likely under the direction of Pheidias. Of the 524 feet (160 m.) of the original frieze, 420 feet (130 m.) survives some 80 percent. The rest is known only from the drawings made by French artist Jacques Carrey in 1674, thirteen years before the Venetian bombardment that ruined the temple.

At present, the majority of the frieze is at the "British Museum", in London (forming the major part of the Elgin Marbles); the largest proportion of the rest is in Athens, and the remainder of fragments shared between six other institutions. Casts of the frieze may be found in the Beazley archive at the "Ashmolean Museum" at Oxford, at the "Spurlock Museum" in Urbana, in the "Skulpturhalle" at Basel and elsewhere.

Denomination is in the middle.


2000000000 Drachmes 1944

Relief patterns.