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10 Gulden 1967, Netherlands Antilles

in Krause book Number: 9a
Years of issue: 28.08.1967
Signatures: De Secretaris: J. van der Heul, De Directeur: J. H. Blikslager
Serie: 1967 1972 Monument Issue
Specimen of: 28.08.1967
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 154 x 65
Printer: Joh. Enschede en Zonen, Haarlem

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10 Gulden 1967




Letters NA (Nederlandse Antillen).


10 Gulden 1967

Palm beach

The banknote shows an aerial view of a popular resort in Aruba - Palm beach.

Palm Beach is a resort area on the northern coast of Aruba, a Dutch Caribbean island. It’s known for its calm waters and long sandy strip lined with bars and restaurants. To its south, lush Bubali Bird Sanctuary has an observation tower and is home to herons and other migratory birds. Nearby are the Old Dutch Windmill, imported in the 1960s, and the Butterfly Farm, with free-flying butterflies in a jungle enclosure. (

Palm beach

On right side, at the bottom, is old dutch windmill visible, imported in 1960s to Aruba and instaled on Palm beach.

Between the so-called "Highrise Hotels" on the northwest coast of Aruba you will find an original Dutch windmill, here it is called "Dutch Windmill" or "Olde Molen". The mill was dismantled years ago in Holland, taken to Aruba and rebuilt here.


On the left side is the Statuut Monument, with the following inscription on it (and under it, on banknote): "Steunend op eigen kracht doch met de wil elkander bij te staan." ("Leaning on its own strength but with the will to assist each other"). Monument located at the beginning of National Unity Boulevard, in Willemstad. This memorial, opened by HM Queen Juliana in 1955 during her first visit to the island, as head of state. Six birds interconnectedness with each other, symbolizing the six islands, including Aruba, decorated with the slogan "Building on its own, but with the desire to help each other."

Denominations are on the right side and in lower left corner.


10 Gulden 1967

Coat of arms is centered.


The coat of arms of the Netherlands Antilles consisted of a shield, a crown and the motto. The shield itself showed five blue stars on a golden background, within a red border. These five stars stood for the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles and also were represented in the flag. The crown atop the shield was that of the Dutch sovereign. Under the shield was a ribbon with the motto "Libertate Unanimus" ("United in Freedom"). The ultimate coat of arms was adopted on 1 January 1986, the day that Aruba separated from the Netherlands Antilles and acquired a status "aparte" within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This coat of arms replaced the previous version, which had been in use since 23 October 1964 and contained six stars: again one for each island including Aruba.

Denominations are in top right and left corners, large one centered.