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10 Marka 1922, Estonia

in Krause book Number: 53a
Years of issue: 27.03.1922
Edition: 3 875 000
Signatures: G. Westel, T. Käärik
Serie: 1922 - 1923 Issue
Specimen of: 1922
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 130 x 75
Printer: Riigi Trukikoda, Tallinn

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10 Marka 1922




Abbreviation ЕV (Еesti Vabariik - Estonian republic).


10 Marka 1922

Denomination, patterned frame.


10 Marka 1922

Centered is an inscription: "Vahetustähti On kohustatud maksuks vastu votma: 1) Riigiasutused - piiramatul määral. 2) Eraasutused ja isikud- kunni 2000 margani igal üksikul maksmisel (12 Aug. 1921 A. Seadus Vahetus Raha Konta)." - "Circulation of banknotes. The following bill shall be accepted for the payment by: 1) Government agencies - unlimited. 2) Private Institutions and Individuals - up to 2000 Marka for each individual payment (12 Aug. 1921 Law aboutr Exchange of banknotes)."


Withdrawn from circulation: 01.08.1927

Banknote paper is made in Tervakoski, Finland.

The Finnish mill was founded in 1818. Housing five paper machines, this mill produces an annual capacity of over 100,000 tons of customized papers. In addition to thinprint papers, it also produce paper for tobacco-related products, release base paper, electrical insulation paper.

Designers: G. Reindorff, George Vestenberg.