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20 Pfennig 1921, Roda bei Ilmenau, Germany

Manfred Mehl. Deutsche Serienscheine Number: 1128.1
Years of issue: 10.10.1921
Signatures: Bürgermeister: Hertzer
Serie: Notgeld
Specimen of: 10.10.1921
Material: Dirt-resistant cotton paper with Anti Soil Treatment
Size (mm): 70 х 51
Printer: Wiedemannsche Druckerei A. - G. Saalfeld, Thüringen

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20 Pfennig 1921, Roda bei Ilmenau




20 Pfennig 1921, Roda bei Ilmenau

Roda bei Ilmenau Roda bei Ilmenau

Roda (until 1952 Roda at Ilmenau) is a district of the city Ilmenau, in the Ilm district (Thuringia).

Roda is located in the source valley of Reichenbach, 2 km. northwest of Ilmenau. South rise the mountains of the Thuringian Forest. Roda is located at about 520 meters altitude.

Roda was first mentioned in 1351 in a document. The place was formerly dominated by mining. In the southern Sturmheide various ores such as manganese were mined. When mining collapsed at the end of the 18th century, the town became impoverished. The place came in 1508 to the Office Ilmenau in the county Henneberg-Schleusingen and belonged with this since 1660 to Saxe-Weimar, later to Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.

The state manual for the Grand Duchy of Saxony from 1840 names the older names of the place to distinguish the villages of the same name Finnroda, Nagelroda and Rödlitz.

1879 brought the construction of the railway line Erfurt-Ilmenau with a train station in Roda the turn. Now many glass companies and some metalworking companies settled down. 1929 came the next crisis. The local industry was hit hard by the global economic crisis. As a result, the community was in financial trouble, which in 1939 forced them to ask the city of Ilmenau to take up Roda. The Ilmenau city administration agreed and also took over the Roda debt. So Roda was incorporated in 1939 to Ilmenau. It was until 1981 the only Ilmenau district.

Denomination are in top corners.


20 Pfennig 1921, Roda bei Ilmenau

On the left, an old thick oak tree is shown, on the right - a fallen oak tree.


"Dicke Eiche vor dem Fall. Stamm der dicken Eiche 1921.

Deutsches Folk und dicke Eiche! Euer Schicksal ist das gleiche.

Die Eiche wachst neu, des Volkes Kraft un neuer Deustches Zukunft schafft".

Translation: "Thick oak before the fall. Thick oak after the fall in 1921.

German folk and thick oak! Your destiny is the same.

The oak tree grows new, creates the people's strength and new German future."