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5 Mark 1948. I Serie, Germany

in Krause book Number: 4a
Years of issue: 20.06.1948
Edition: 128 800 000
Signatures: no signature
Serie: First Series
Specimen of: 20.06.1948
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 112 х 67
Printer: Tudor Press, Boston

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5 Mark 1948. I Serie




5 Mark 1948. I Serie

Stylized flowerish background.

In lower right corner is an allegory - man with compass and globe, behind him is the steam ship in sea.

Till now I still not sure, which exactly allegory is on this banknote!

A little bit of the history:

The year is 1947. In the United States, the government thinks about currency reform for Germany. The operation gets the code name "Bird Dog". From October, banknote production will start at the Tudor Press print shop in Boston (2 DM and 5 DM notes). Officially, the new currency is called SAC (Special Army Currency).

In December, the first classified information leaked to the American public. American newspapers are, then, thinking aloud about the upcoming currency reform for the three western occupation zones in Germany. At the beginning of 1948 Germany is waiting for the coming currency reform, but it last some time. The price on the black market at this time already at 1 US $ = 200 RM. In the spring of 1948, the currency reform is to take place. For this purpose the banknotes are transported by ship to Bremerhaven and from there on to Frankfurt. In the hope that the SBZ (Soviet-occupied zone) can also be included in the currency reform, it continues to be delayed. When it appears that the SBZ does not join in, the officials began to distribute the new banknotes on the area. The initial equipment includes 128.8 million 5-DM notes. On June 20, 1948, the DM currency is finally ready. The First Law on the Reorganization of the Monetary System regulates the exchange. Under §§ 6 and 7 the payment of the head amount is determined. ( .ger)

Denominations in numerals are in all corners, in words - centered.


5 Mark 1948. I Serie


Denominations in numerals are depicted 5 times, in words - 2 times.