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50000 Pounds 2004, Lebanon

in Krause book Number: 88
Years of issue: 2004
Edition: 22 148 321
Signatures: Ahmed Jachi, Riad T. Salameh
Serie: 2004 & 2008 "Euro Size" Issue
Specimen of: 2004
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 140 х 70
Printer: Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire SA, Colombes

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50000 Pounds 2004




Cedrus libani (Cedar of Lebanon) and denomination 50000.


50000 Pounds 2004

Geometric design - the squares.

On background are 2 boats at the sea and the sun (above).

In top left corner is Cedar of Lebanon - as logo of the Bank.

Denominations in numerals are centered and in top right and lower left corners.


50000 Pounds 2004

Geometric design - the rhombuses.

Cedrus libani

On second plan is Cedrus libani (Cedar of Lebanon) and stylized hills.

The Lebanon cedar is the national emblem of Lebanon, and is displayed on the flag of Lebanon and coat of arms of Lebanon. It is also the logo of Middle East Airlines (MEA), which is Lebanon's national carrier. Beyond that, it is also the main symbol of Lebanon's "Cedar Revolution" of 2005, along with many Lebanese political parties and movements, such as the Kataeb Party, the Lebanese Forces, the National Liberal Party, and the Future Movement. Finally, Lebanon is sometimes metonymically referred to as the Land of the Cedars.

It is a species of cedar native to the mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean basin. It is an evergreen conifer, that can reach 40 meters in height. Cedrus libani is the national emblem of Lebanon and is widely used as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens.

Denominations in numerals are in all corners, in words - at the bottom.