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5 Rubles 2013, Moldavia

in Krause book Number: 49
Years of issue: 15.01.2013
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 2007 Issue
Specimen of: 22.12.2007
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 130 × 65
Printer: Государственное учреждение "Гознак", Тирасполь

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5 Rubles 2013




Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov and Russian letters PR (Pridnestrovie Republic).


5 Rubles 2013


The engraving on banknote made after this portrait of Suvorov by (probably) George Dawe. Oil on canvas, size 84 х 66. Today is in State Memorial Museum of A.V. Suvorov in Saint-Petersburg.

Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov (Александр Васильевич Суворов, Aleksandr Vasil‘evich Suvorov, 24 November [O.S. 13 November] 1729 or 1730 - 18 May [O.S. 6 May] 1800), Count Suvorov of Rymnik (граф Рымникский), Prince of Italy (князь Италийский), Count of the Holy Roman Empire, national hero of Russia, was the last Generalissimo of the Russian Empire.

Suvorov is one of the few generals in history who never lost a battle, being undefeated in over 60 large battles while always having numerical disadvantage. He was famed for his military manual The Science of Victory and noted for several of his sayings, including "What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle", "The bullet is a mad thing; only the bayonet knows what it is about", and "Perish yourself but rescue your comrade!". He taught his soldiers to attack instantly and decisively: "Attack with the cold steel! Push hard with the bayonet!" He joked with the men, calling common soldiers "brother", and shrewdly presented the results of detailed planning and careful strategy as the work of inspiration.

On the background are gullioshe patterns.

Denominations in numeral and words are centered.


5 Rubles 2013


Kvint (short for: Kon’iaki, vina i napitki Tiraspol’ia) is a wine- and brandy distillery based in Tiraspol, the administrative center of Transnistria (Moldova). Locals consider Kvint a national symbol. Its factory is shown on the 5 Transnistrian ruble banknote. Founded in 1897, the company is the oldest still-operating commercial enterprise in the region. Its annual production is approximately ten million liters of alcoholic drinks. The company also makes wines and vodkas. It is one of Transnistria's largest exporters. Daily tours are undertaken, which end with a product sampling. Kvint obtained ISO 9001-94 certification in 2000 and ISO 9001-2000 in 2003. The factory is one of only few enterprises in the former Soviet Union which can assure a kosher production process.

Denominations in numerals are in top left and lower right corners. In words in top right corner.


* In the paper introduced a wide security thread, which has on the front side of the banknote exit to the surface in the curved form ("stained glass window").

* When you angle the notes on the thread visible or duplicate images of letters "ПРБ" or iridescent shine without images.

* When viewed in transmitted light the thread appears as a dark rectangle with light letters "ПРБ".

Apply a seal to the paper as a frame around the perimeter of the banknote, visible in transmitted light.

* On the front side of the modified banknotes introduced hallmark - small text "МОДИФИКАЦИЯ 2012 г." ("MODIFICATION OF 2012").

* Series and number of the banknote are made with paint, fluorescent in ultraviolet light orange.

* Embedded in Chaotic mass of paper fiber red luminescence in UV-yellow and green.