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Set of cardboard tokens - 1 and 25 Ore, 1 Krone, Greenland

no number in katalog -
Years of issue: 1910 - 1926
Signatures: no signature
Serie: Coupons
Specimen of: 1910
Material: Paper
Size (mm): 34 х 22
Printer: Unknown printer

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Set of cardboard tokens - 1 and 25 Ore, 1 Krone




Set of cardboard tokens - 1 and 25 Ore, 1 Krone

Siegs catalogue

A set of perforated cardboard tokens (cash substitutes) used in Greenland.

By purchasing these tokens, I have doubted their origin, because I could not make sure that there was any mention of them in the catalogs.

Many thanks to Rene A.Norrbohm from Copenhagen, Denmark for help with finding any information about these tokens.

It turns out that the reference catalogue "Siegs catalog", dated by 1976, mentions these monetary substitutes.

The information is very scarce, but the following is written: "The above pictured tokens were used as a monetary substitution in the redistribution schemes, in the periods from 1910 to 1926. The first four denominations (not all, but many) were 1,2,5 and 10 Øre, in 1941, were stamped with the inscriptions "Gr.Adm" (Greenland Administration) and were used, mainly, at the US military base in Greenland, due to the shortage of small coins.


Set of cardboard tokens - 1 and 25 Ore, 1 Krone

Clear side.