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200 Rubles 1994, Moldavia

in Krause book Number: 21
Years of issue: 17.08.1994
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 1993 - 1997 Issue
Specimen of: 17.08.1994
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 125 × 57
Printer: Государственное учреждение "Гознак", Тирасполь

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200 Rubles 1994




Stone blocks.


200 Rubles 1994


Statue of Alexander Suvorov is equestrian statue, mounted on Suvorov Square (the former Constitution Square), in Tiraspol.

Equestrian monument to Suvorov in the capital of Transnistria, Tiraspol, is considered one of the best monuments of the commander in the former USSR.

The monument was erected in 1979. Sculptors - Vladimir and Valentin Artamonovs, architects - J. Druzhinin and Yury Chistyakov.

Its located on a small hill, on Suvorov Square - the Transnistrian capital's main square. The monument was awarded a gold medal named after sculptor Yevgeny Vucetic.

The monument is made of bronze and its height is 9 meters. It's one of the famous symbols of the city of Tiraspol and Pridnestrovie at all.

A.V. Suvorov is considered as the founder of Tiraspol, as it was by his order to strengthen the new borders of the empire in 1792 on the left bank of the Dniester within the organization line was laid Median fortress; with earthen fortress Median city Tiraspol (city status since 1795) was established.

In 2013 it was planned to refurbish the outer coating of the monument to the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov, which suffered after the removal of dust and other contamination. Also we had to overhaul the pedestal on which cracks were found.

On the background are gullioshe pattern and micro print: Приднестровье (Pridnestrov'e).

Denominations in numeral and words are centered.


200 Rubles 1994

Verhovnyi sovet PMR

The building of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

The building of the Supreme Council (not to be confused with the House of the Soviets), though not so significant as the House of the Soviets, but still looks very grand and monumental. It was built in 1983, and the architecture is clearly claimed the palace, at the time.

The building consists of three parts: the central - the most monumental, seven-story with a flag on the roof, and two five-storey wings. The building is decorated with semi-columns, made in different colors uniform scale.

Now it meets the Supreme Council and the Government of Transnistria.

Denomination in numerals is in lower right corner. In words at bottom.


On a part of the 1994 edition, the name of the PMR in Ukrainian is written with an error "Прідністрівський".


Resolution of the PMR Supreme Council, from 1994, on the issue of PMR rubles.