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100 Rubles 2014, Russia

in Krause book Number: 274a
Years of issue: 30.10.2013
Edition: 20000000 (8000000 serie AA)
Signatures: no signature
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 30.10.2013
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 150 х 65
Printer: Гознак, Московская печатная фабрика, филиал ФГУП "Гознак", Москва

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100 Rubles 2014




The inscription: and the Olympic emblem.

Protective polymer transparent tape introduced in the paper to form a transparent window containing optically variable element in the form of a snowflake. Filigree watermark (firebird) located in the upper part of the banknote.


100 Rubles 2014

coast clusterOlympic venues of coastal cluster in Sochi.

sochiFigure of snowboarder.

As soon as the Russian Central Bank put into circulation new banknotes, dedicated to the 2014 Olympic Games. both immediately broke another scandal which may have serious consequences.

On the banknote denominations of 100 rubles depicted snowboarder perform tricks. However, the ubiquitous Russian bloggers who have been to Moscow and the official organizers of the 2014 Games a pain, immediately caught the creators of design banknotes of plagiarism: the exact same photo of the athlete was found in the archive of one of the photo banks.

Later it became known the name of the photographer, who took the picture - Daniel Altiero from Switzerland. He confirmed the similarity of the pattern used in the Olympic hundred-ruble note, with his photograph, taken in the mid-2000s, the competition in Laax, Switzerland, noting that the permission to use his image to him no one spoke.

Received an unexpected popularity photographer said that on the one hand flattered that his image is used in the bill, on the other hand pointed out that the opportunity to study this issue more closely. Apparently, while he did not intend to prove their copyright on the image and thus to claim compensation for his illegal use. ( .rus)

In top left corner is the logo of Bank of Russia.

The Drawing of a temporary emblem of Russia (since September 14, 1917 - Russian republic) was developed by a group of experts, which included well-known artists and heraldry V.K. Lukomskii, S.N. Troinitskii, G.I. Narbut and Ivan Bilibin. Considering, that the new emblem of the Russian state may approve only the Constituent Assembly, they propose to use as a temporary two-headed eagle emblem of the era of Ivan III without attributes of royal power.

Figure emblem, made by Ivan Bilibin, was appointed by chairman of the Provisional Government, Prince G.E. Lvov and Foreign Minister P.N. Milyukov as a model for printing. Although, officially emblem has not been approved, it was in circulation before the acceptance of the Constitution of the RSFSR at July 10, 1918, which introduced a new state coat of arms. In the territory controlled by the "white forces", the logo was used, and later - in particular, it was present on the banknotes, which were issued by Ufa directory.

Denomination in numeral is in top right corner. In numeral and in words are in lower left corner.


100 Rubles 2014


Fisht Olympic Stadium (Олимпийский стадион "Фишт", Olimpiyskiy stadion "Fisht") is an open-air stadium in Sochi, Russia. Located in Sochi Olympic Park and named after Mount Fisht, the 40,000-person-capacity stadium was built primarily for the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, serving as the Olympic stadium, the venue for their opening and closing ceremonies.

Designed by Populous and British design consultancy Buro Happold, the stadium's roof was built from approximately 36,500 square metres (393,000 sq ft) of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and was designed to give the roof the appearance of snowy peaks. The bowl opens to the north, allowing a direct view of the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains, and the upper deck is open to the south, allowing a view of the Black Sea.

Above are different kind of sports of the Winter Olympics.

Marine station SochiAt bottom, above the inscription "Сто Рублей" (100 Rubels), is the Marine Station building in Sochi.

Marine station - station complex Port of Sochi in the central region of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

The building was built in 1955. The authors of the project were the architects Karo Halabyan and Leonid Karlik.

Marine station of Sochi - an architectural monument of federal significance. In the center of the building is topped by a tower with a spire, made of polished stainless steel. The height of its 71 meters. The end of the spire is crowned by "reproduction" of the Order of the II World War of 1 degree in the form of a star in three-meter diameter.

Over the three-tiered tower sculptural pieces authored by the famous sculptor Valentin Ingal. They represent the four seasons and the four cardinal points. In front of the sea port - a fountain with a statue of the goddess navigation.

On the main deep-water berths for cruise liners Marine Station of Sochi was filmed an episode of the famous Soviet movie "The Diamond Arm" - farewell scene with his family protagonist Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov to sail his journey on the ship "Mikhail Svetlov".

Denomination in numeral is in top right corner. In numeral and in words are lower.


The banknote’s designer is a student of the Repin Institute of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Pavel Bushuev.

Banknote is made on white paper of high quality cotton.