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10 Lei 1966, Romania

in Krause book Number: 94a
Years of issue: 01.11.1966
Signatures: no signature
Serie: 1966 Issue
Specimen of: 1966
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 131 х 65
Printer: Imprimeria Bancii Nationale a Romaniei, Bucuresti

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10 Lei 1966





10 Lei 1966

The coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Romania is centered.


Represents afforested mountains, over which the sun is arising. On the left side is an oil derrick. The coat of arms is surrounded by a wreath of wheat ears. On top of the coat of arms id a five-pointed star. On the bottom of the coat of arms, the wheat ears are wraped with a tricolor ribbon on which is written: "REPUBLICA SOCIALISTĂ ROMÂNIA".

Denominations in numerals are repeated 8 times.


10 Lei 1966

UTB UTB UTBWheat harvesting scene.

On banknote are the tractors, made by "Brasov Tractor Works" "UTB 45S" with specialized trailers. These tractors were produced in the factory during the 1950s - early 1960s. They had the engine capacity of 45 l/s, and 2 gears.

The fact, that these tractors have been shown on the note, says this video, in Romanian:

"Uzina Tractorul Braşov", UTB, "Brasov Tractor Works" - former French-Romanian, then - Romanian engineering company of tractors, sold under the name IAR / UTOS / UTB in 115 countries on all continents.

The company was founded in 1925 as a joint Franco-Romanian company for the production of airplanes "Întreprinderea Aeronautică Română".

After the Second World War and the fall of Antonescu's dictatorship in 1946, most of the production capacity was converted into a tractor factory, issued the first Romanian tractor "IAR 22".

In 1948 the factory was renamed into "Uzina Tractorul Braşov" (throughout the 1950s called "Uzina Tractorul Oraşul Stalin", because then Brasov called as Orashul Stalin.

UTB UTB UTBOne of the most common plant model tractor became "U 650" with engine capacity of 65 h/p, the development of which began in 1960, and the release in 1963.

In 1963-1968 made engines, under "Fiat" company's license (with capacity of 45 h/p), for crawler tractor "S 1300".

In 1968-1976 the plant produced a family of tractors "U 445" equipped by "FIAT" engines and "U 650" as own model. In 1970 annual production of 23 different models of the plant was about 30 thousand units.

In 1990, "UTB" was transformed into a joint stock company, the principal shareholders of steel "A.V.A.S." (State Property Management, about 80%) and "SIF Transilvania" (about 17%). At that time, the share of its products in the total number of tractors Romania was 95%, while the number of workers has reached 23 thousand people.

Since the founding of the company until 1999/2000 GG It was released about 1 million. 320 thousand. tractors, including approximately 760,000 under the export designation of "Universal".

Denominations in numerals are on left side and in both right corners (top and lower). In words at bottom.