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Check of Vnesheconombank of the USSR for 10 kopecks, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

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Years of issue: 1989
Edition: --
Signatures: Председатель Государственного банка СССР: Виктор Владимирович Геращенко (03.08.1989 - 26.12.1991), Председатель Комитета по управлению Внешэкономбанком: В. В. Люльчев
Serie: Exchange certificates
Specimen of: 1964
Material: Paper
Size (mm): 107 х 60
Printer: Гознак, Московская печатная фабрика, филиал ФГУП "Гознак", Москва

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Check of Vnesheconombank of the USSR for 10 kopecks



WatermarkWord "СССР" (USSR) in frame.


Check of Vnesheconombank of the USSR for 10 kopecks

Cheques of the Vneshtorgbank (Bank for Foreign Trade of the USSR) and Vneshposyltorg (formerly "certificates" and "bonds") - a kind of "parallel currency" that existed in the USSR in 1964-1988 years. They are produced only in the form of banknotes, coins did not exist (paper checks were issued even for 1 kopeck).

Cheques Vneshposyltorg (VPT) to pay salaries to Soviet citizens working abroad: mainly professionals working on construction contracts of the USSR, as well as professionals (eg, teachers, doctors and military advisers), contracted with foreign public and private institutions (hospitals, universities, and so on. d.) and sailors (but they received checks of Vneshtorgbank (VTB)), ordinary workers of embassies and other parties inside the USSR, to receive royalties or transfers in foreign currency.

For nearly thirty years, Vnesheconombank and Vneshtorgbank, among other checks issued special cutting checks "Serie A" - bonds for seamen, issued for foreign currency residue and to be used, in particular, in Torgmortrans system - in the "Albatross" and other special stores. The last issue of these checks was carried out in 1989. All checks had the text: "This bill is intended to pay for goods in specialized stores" Torgmortrans".

"Transactions with reducing of Vneshtorgbank checks in rubles.

Section 1. General information:

190. Vneshtorgbank issued the following types of cut-off checks in rubles: checks series "D", Series "A" and checks with the contour of the ship (without series).

Cut-off checks of Vneshtorgbank is a monetary obligation of Vneshtorgbank to pay this amount, printed on the check.

Cheques are bound into the respective merits of checkbooks.

191. Cutting checks intended for payment of certain categories of citizens for goods and services or in specialized stores (checks series "D" and Series "A"), or on the Soviet cruise ship voyages on international lines (checks with the contour of the ship).

192. The State Bank institutions make operations with reducing checks of Vneshtorgbank in rubles in the series "A" and a cut-off checks of Vneshtorgbank in rubles with an outline of the ship.

The order of the transactions with reducing checks Vneshtorgbank rubles Series "A" provided by instruction of Vneshtorgbank on January 27, 1972 № 6, sent out with a letter of the USSR State Bank Board, dated March 29, 1972 № 2053.

193. Operations on the sale of cut-off checks of Vneshtorgbank "D" Series are made only by Vneshtorgbank of the USSR and its branches.

From the instructions of the State Bank of the USSR from 27.04.1979 № 64."


Check of Vnesheconombank of the USSR for 10 kopecks

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