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1000 Dong 1988, Vietnam

in Krause book Number: 106b
Years of issue: 20.10.1989
Edition: --
Signatures: no signature
Serie: No Serie
Specimen of: 1988
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 134 х 65
Printer: Xi Nghiep In Tem Buu Dien, Ho Chi Minh City

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1000 Dong 1988




Flower of Nelumbo nucifera - official flower of Vietnam.

Nelumbo nuciferaNelumbo nucifera, also known as Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, or simply lotus, is one of two species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae. The Linnaean binomial Nelumbo nucifera (Gaertn.) is the currently recognized name for this species, which has been classified under the former names, Nelumbium speciosum (Willd.) and Nymphaea nelumbo, among others.

This plant is an aquatic perennial. Under favorable circumstances its seeds may remain viable for many years, with the oldest recorded lotus germination being from that of seeds 1,300 years old recovered from a dry lake bed in northeastern China.

Native to Tropical Asia and Queensland, Australia, it is commonly cultivated in water gardens. It is also the national flower of India and Vietnam.


1000 Dong 1988

Ho Chi MinhThe engraving on banknote is made after this photo of Hồ Chí Minh.

Hồ Chí Minh (19 May 1890 - 2 September 1969), born Nguyễn Sinh Côn or Nguyễn Sinh Cung, also known as Nguyễn Tất Thành, Nguyen That Thanh and Nguyễn Ái Quốc, was a Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader who was prime minister (1945-1955) and president (1945-1969) of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). He was a key figure in the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945, as well as the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the Việt Cộng (NLF or VC) during the Vietnam War.


The coat of arms of Vietnam.

The emblem of Vietnam is circular, has red background and a yellow star in the middle which represent the Communist Party of Vietnam, the revolutionary history and bright future of Vietnam. The cog and crops represent the cooperation of agriculture and industrial labor.

Right of the portrait is the stylized lotus flower, also Lotus Nelumbo nucifera ornamental design is in all corners.

Denominations in numerals are three times, in words centered.


1000 Dong 1988

Teak logging with elephants Teak logging with elephantsForestry production: Teak logging with elephants.

Lotus Nelumbo nucifera ornamental design is in all corners.

Denominations in numerals are in three corners, in words in lower right corner.


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