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1 Rupee 1918, British Ceylon

in Krause book Number: 16a
Years of issue: 25.03.1918
Edition: B/31 00001 - B/90 100000 - 6 000 000
Signatures: Commissioners of currency: Sir Reginald Edward Stubbs, Treasurer: Bernard Senior (in office from 12 February 1908 till 1922)
Serie: 1914 - 1919 Issue
Specimen of: 01.05.1917
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 114 х 64
Printer: TDLR (Thomas de la Rue & Company), London

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1 Rupee 1918




1 Rupee 1918

On right side is twelve spoke floral shape.

Denominations in numerals are on left side (in rosette) and across all field of banknote in octagons with sides arced out. In words centered two times (in green-blue and pink colors).

The value රුපියලයි in Sinhala is on left side and in Tamil is on right side (under denomination in English).


1 Rupee 1918

Three twelve spoke floral shapes.

Denominations in words are on right and left sides.


The One Rupee currency note issued by the Board of Commissioners of Currency. This Type has 22 dates with 16 Signature pairs between 1917 to 1939. As they were also issued in booklets from 1922, 18 Dates have two varieties left edge rouletted or straight.

The paper manufactured by "TDLR", without watermark.

Regarding to description on website there should be a micro print "The government of Ceylon" somewhere.

Until now I did not find it. Wrote a letter about it to Sri-Lanka Numismatic Society.

At 30 of April 2016 I got an answer from Dr. Kavan Ratnatunga, former President of the Sri Lanka Numismatic Society.

That was he wrote to me:

"Thank you very much for this Report. It is a error in my website, which, probably, crept in when I made new pages by copying pages I have already made. There is No microprinting on the reverse of the Ceylon Rs 1 currency note, which I confirm, having checked carefully in my collection and now corrected the page. With best regards."