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100 Dinara 1946, Yugoslavia

in Krause book Number: 65a
Years of issue: 09.1946
Edition: --
Signatures: Главни Директор: А. Васић, Гувернер: Танасије Здравковић (in office 28.11.1945 – 30.04.1946)
Serie: 1946 Issue
Specimen of: 01.05.1946
Material: Cotton fiber
Size (mm): 130 х 67
Printer: Zavod za izradu novcanica i kovanog novca, Beograd

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100 Dinara 1946




100 Dinara 1946

On left side is a blacksmith at work, on right side is a harvester, sharpening his scythe. The figures represent the industry and agriculture.

coat of armsCentered, at top, is the coat of arms of Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia.

The State Emblem of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia (1946-1963).

"The Constitution of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946.

Part 1, Chapter I, Article 3.

The State Emblem of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia is a field, surrounded by wheat ears. Spikes at the bottom tied with a ribbon on which is written the date of 29-XI-1943. Between the tops of the ears is a five-pointed star. In the middle of the field shows five torches inclined position, the flame of which merges into a single flame."

FPRY Constitution of 1946 contains a description of the emblem pieces, not to mention their color.

Denominations in numerals and in words are in all corners.


100 Dinara 1946

Centered is a fisherman, as a symbol of the Yugoslav native trade - fishing.

On background is a fishing skiff in the Adriatic Sea.

Denominations in numerals are in all corners, in numerals and and in words on right and left sides.


Designer of obverse and reverse: Mate Zlamalik.

Obverse engraver: Велько А. Кун (Velko A. Kun).

Reverse engraver: Tanasije Krnjajic.