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5 June 2016

Good evening! Just made a sort order in German Notgeld section - now it looks better.

Yesterday I received 2 Notgeld of East Prussia (Germany) from Rauschen (today Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia). Also I received a full set of the latest series of the German Democratic Republic, from 5 to 500 Marks. These notes will be added during next week.

Tomorrow I looking forward to get 4 banknotes of Scotland - these are 4 commemorative banknotes of 5 Pounds (1996) with Robert Burns. In general, they are similar to already added 5 pounds 1971 Scotland, with one exception - on each of them are the excerpts from a certain poem by Burns. These notes also will be added on next week.

Also bought one Notgeld of East Prussia from Rusne (now Lithuania) and 1 banknote of Denmark.

1 June 2016

Good morning! In just a few days I added to collection 6 checks of Vneshtorgbank USSR, 2 government bonds of USSR, 2 notes of Tajikistan, 1 banknote of Australia.

By the way, in Tajikistan I posted a rather interesting story about government building of the Tajik SSR (1 Ruble) and suggested the location on the reverse of 50 Diram.

Also, today, I added 1 Lilangeni 1974 Swaziland.

While that remains to make (I still expecting in mail, besides Singapore) - 1 banknote of Malta, 1 banknote of Germany (East Prussia), 4 banknotes of Scotland (commemorative), 7 GDR banknotes, 1 note of Angola and 1 of Singapore.

28 May 2016

Good afternoon! For a couple of days I added 2 banknotes of Kyrgyzstan and 2 of Malta.

Today, finally, I restored a historical justice - has added 2 new countries in the Europe section - Czechoslovakia and the USSR.

Further, will be added on site:

2 Tajik banknotes, banknote of Swaziland, 2 banknotes of Philippines, 6 checks issued by Vnesheconombank of the USSR, 1 banknote of Singapore.

Expecting in post - 1 banknote of Malta, 1 banknote of Australia, 1 banknote of Germany (East Prussia), 4 banknotes of Scotland (commemorative) and 7 banknotes of GDR (East Germany).

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