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Old Riga on banknote 20 Latu 1935 Read more

Five rafts on the Daugava River near the cliff Staburags on banknote 25 Latu 1938 Read more

Turaida Bridge on banknote 5 Lati 1940 Read more

Panorama of river Daugava on banknote 10 Latu 2008 Read more

Oak of ancestors in Kaive on banknote 5 Lati 1992 Read more

Ancient Latvian farmstead on banknote 20 Latu 2009 Read more

Krišjānis Valdemārs on banknote 25 Latu 1928 Read more

The oil cow in Ventspils sea port on banknote 5 Venti 2011 Read more

Bull Sailor and the lighthouse of the South breakwater of Ventspils on banknote 100 Venti 2011 Read more

The Storm cow and Ventspils Castle on banknote 500 Venti 2011 Read more


22 October 2016

Good evening! Today I added supplemented description of the watermark on some banknotes of Cyprus.

Also introduced a new bill, that received almost 2 weeks ago - 20 pounds 1997 Ireland.

Tomorrow will be another updates!

16 October 2016

Good evening! I did some updates on the site.

1) Couple of additions to 1 Afghani Afghanistan.

2) 2 Cypriot pounds, issued in 1979 and 1982. The sky on background, above the abbey, on the reverse, is white - it is the work of TDLR.

On pound, issued in 1989, the sky is beige - the work of the French printer.

3) Just added to collection 10 Kroner 1979 Norway.

Next in line:

3 of Notgeld of Germany, issued in 1921, 5 Pounds 2016 Bank of England, Ireland 20 Pounds 1997 and 2 shillings 6d 1939 Malta.

8 October 2016

Good evening! Today added a description of a flower on 10 dollars 2007 Hong Kong.

Also added to the description national dress of the girl-Cypriot on 1 Pound 1998, 2001 and 2004, Cyprus. This is the same Sarka, as on two other bills (but stylized), plus a small addition - this is an unmarried girl :), what say flowers, woven into her headpiece.

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25 Krooni 1992

The coupon block of Leningrad and the Leningrad Region

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The coupon block of Leningrad and the Leningrad Region

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