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6 January 2017

Good evening! I have 2 banknotes of Mauritius which should be added to collection, and today I have decided to review the description of Mauritius banknotes, before adding new ones.

I was horrified - in fact, description of 5 Rupees 1967 Mauritius I done a long time ago. Then I was not so meticulous and made relevant mistakes.

On reverse of the banknote is not St. Louis, but Mahébourg. And the mountain is different ... The description is now corrected!

Also, in next few days, will be updated description of 10 Rupees Mauritius 1973 and 1967, as well as 2 new banknotes of Mauritius will be added to collection.

25 December 2016

Good afternoon! I continue to add the banknotes of Belarus, which recently received into my collection.

Now a little abstractly:

here are 2 videos from Youtube about GDR State Circus (engagement) - the numbers with the polar bears.

About the trainer:

Ursula Böttcher, née Blyuthen (Blütchen) (born June 6, 1927 in Dresden - died March 3, 2010 in the same place), the German trainer, gained international fame with his number with the polar bears. It is considered the most famous tamer GDR.


Ursula Böttcher grew up on the outskirts of Dresden, and the first time was fascinated by the circus when she saw the city tour of Circus Sarrasani. After high school, Ursula delivers telegrams by bicycle. However, in 1952 she enrolled as a cleaner in the Circus Busch to get closer to his dream - to work in the circus with animals. In her spare time she can be engaged with the circus artists, and in 1954 got a chance to make his debut with trained donkeys. The following year she performed in the Circus Barlau with a group of lions.

In subsequent years, Boettcher also Trained brown bears and leopards. Since 1960, she has worked in the GDR State Circus, adopting a mixed group of predators from George Weiss (Georg Weiß). In 1961 he began to work with polar bears. First, animals with age, and since 1964 with young, behaved "with their own hands." Soon she begins to perform successfully together with his life partner, Manfred Horn (Manfred Horn) to unique dressuroy polar bears. Since 1971 Horn Boettcher performed in such prestigious foreign circuses like Toni Boltini, Jean Richard and Feijoo Castilla. From 1975 to 1981 she was with Circus Berolina on tour in Greece, and then combined with the GDR in the US State Circus Ringling Bros. circus and Barnum & Bailey. This was followed by other international tour, in particular in Japan. In 1990 the life companion and partner number Ursula Boettcher (approx lane -.. Manfred Horn) was killed during a presentation in front of her Kodiak bears.

After the German Association of the GDR State Circus was transformed into Berlin Circus Union. Ursula Boettcher first performed in Spain, and then returned back to Berlin. In 1995 she worked with Circus Berolina and performed twice a day with a revue will master the polar bear in Berlin Shpreeparke. In 1999, external managers liquidate the Berlin Circus Union. Boettcher was fired, and bears in her group distributed at the zoo, despite the fact that there have been proposals for the admission of the entire group. Two very young animals received the Berlin Zoo. Bear Tosca, which later was born Knut hit the Nuremberg Zoo. The latter two were initially bear sold in Mexico, then the United States. Ursula Boettcher disappeared from the public eye, rarely gave interviews, and moved to Dresden. She died in March 2010 in a Dresden hospital, according to her wishes ashes were scattered on the water.

Ursula Boettcher, whose growth was only 1.58 m, was the first and only woman in the world, speaking in an arena with dressuroy polar bears. In this case both involved in the room to twelve animals. Special popularity was its so-called "deadly kiss": she passed the polar bear a piece of meat from his mouth into his mouth. In the United States it was called "Princess Bear" and "Baroness Bears". In addition to "smertelnogo kiss" her famous stunts were bearish sled, balance on the ball, great carousel and dance with one of the white giants.

In 1974, Boettcher was awarded in Spain the circus Oscar. In 1983 she received at the 9th International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, Nice-Martin prize. At home, she was awarded the National Prize of the GDR. In addition, there was a block of stamps "Circus of the GDR Art" in 1978, which was depicted in the Boettcher "deadly kiss" with a polar bear.

The Hall of Fame of the International Circus Museum Klosterfelde on the world-famous actress resemble costumes, photographs, and it bears the North Pole (Nordpol).

14 December 2016

Good morning! Just added information to the description of 1 Gulden 1970 Netherlands Antilles and 10 Pounds Scotland 2009.

Thanks to Michael Grigoriev from Russia for the supplement and coordinates of dry dock in the harbor of Curacao (1 Gulden 1970 Netherlands Antilles).

Yesterday I received some new banknotes for my collection - total 32 banknotes.

These are from following countries - Belarus, Transnistria, Russia, Mauritius, Gambia, Indonesia, the Cayman Islands, Scotland.

I will try to add it to the site as quick as possible.

Huge request - In last six weeks I faced the problems with the Orphus programm, which is installed on the site to correct typos. This weekend program will be tested again, and if did not get to grips with the problem - namely, notification letters do not come to email - then the program will be removed from the site. And this would be pity, it is very useful program ..

What I want to ask - if you're, viewing the material, suddenly see a typo, please let me know, please, through the contact form on the site. Just copy the misspelled word, or what is necessary to fix and specify, where you saw it. If Orphus will work normally finally, I'll write about it in the news separately.

Thanks for yours attention!

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