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Cyprus. The mosaic in Paphos, Cyprus, in the house of Dionysus on banknote 1 Pound 1982 Read more

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Cyprus. Aphrodite's Rock on banknote 20 Pounds 2001 Read more

Cyprus. Amphorae in the Museum of Shipwreck in Girne (Kyrenia) on banknote 20 Pounds 2001 Read more

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23 January 2022

Hello! Lately, I have added a few banknotes, but, in the news, I did not write about it.

Now I would like to remind you of this - several banknotes of Canada with the last signature, a couple of banknotes of Latvia. Now 4 banknotes of Morocco, 1 banknote of Egypt and 1 banknote of the Netherlandswaiting to be added to site.

In addition, today, the section of the site - "About the site" has been updated.

28 November 2021

Good day! Added to collection: 5 Pounds 1965 Gambia and 10 Euro 2021 Germany (with interesting serial number).

I, sometimes, put aside such banknotes, with especially interesting numbers. Not that I'm going to do business with this :), just keeping them ... Today, in Europe, there are enough..strange people..., who are trying to sell euro banknotes, even with less interesting numbers, for "crazy" money .. This, of course, is complete absurdity. ..

I would like to inform all my visitors, that there will now be a break, in the matter of adding new banknotes, to the site. How long it will take is hard to say, but, according to my estimates, for about a month. Most likely, I will start adding new banknotes as early as January 2022.

Already received 50 GBP 2021 UK (Bank of England). I am waiting in the mail for 2 more vintage banknotes - Bahamas and one interesting note, from Europe, issued in 1930s. If I will have free time, will add the last banknote in this year yet.

Thanks to everyone reading my scribble:)

24 November 2021

Good evening! Listed Israeli banknote, 50 Shekels 1992.

One of these days I will add 1 banknote of Latvia and 1 banknote of Great Britain to collection. On the way - 1 banknote of Gambia and 1 more interesting note, which I, quite by accident, was lucky enough to buy the other day.

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10 Angolares 1926

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