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9 September 2020

Good day! Introduced:

5 Kronor 1923-1925 (Reminder) of the Swedish Coal Company in Svalbard.

1/4 Dinar 1961 Kuwait.

Regarding the signature on Reminder 5 Kronor. I wrote to the Swedish numismatic society in Stockholm. Let's see, if they will answer:)...

Today I received - 1 banknote of Malta and 1 banknote of Lithuania. They are next to be added.

7 September 2020

Laid out:

1) List of buildings on the 1976 Singapore "Birds" series. hat was difficult, but...we did it:)

2) 1 Singapore Dollar Orchid Series. I did found apartment buildings!

3) Corrected reverse info of 10 dollars 1976 Singapore.


Reverse information for 5 Singapore Dollars Orchid Series will be added. Specifically - I have yet to define a large white building, in the center, in the background!

Already received 1 banknote of Sweden (Spitsbergen) and 1 banknote of Canada. I'll post it too.

2 September 2020

Good evening!

A few days ago we, my wife and I (she wanted to help me :)), decided to determine, in detail, all buildings (which can at least somehow be identified) from the Singapore 1976 series - "Birds" (I mean - a view of the business center of Singapore, at the bottom of banknotes). No one in network, so far, has such a detailed listing of the buildings, included in this engraving.

We identified 30 buildings :), 2 girls helped us - Fiona Tan, archivist of the National Archives of Singapore and Lian Mei Wan, employee of the National Library of Singapore, and we are very grateful to them.

I have hidden the description of the 5 Dollars 1976 Singapore note for now as I started entering the description. It will take several days - there is a lot of information. When I will finish, then will open the banknote online again.

On the other denominations of this series, the engraving is 99% the same, only on denominations above $50 it stands at a slightly different angle and it is shown closely. Therefore, in denominations of 1, 10, 20 and 50 Dollars there will be links to the description of 5 Dollars, where the entire huge description will be posted.

Also, soon will be added - 2 banknotes of Canada, 3 banknotes of Latvia, 1 banknote of Lithuania, 1 banknote of Spitsbergen.

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