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21 May 2020

Today, May 21, 2020, I decided to look for any materials on banknote 5 Shillings 1972 Nigeria. And not useless :)

As it turned out, something on the banknote went unnoticed.

Firstly, on the tree trunk, which the workers saw, there is a marking - CE JА 22/55/1.

Secondly - the saw, itself, is very interesting.

These 2 questions - what meaning, exactly the marking on trunk, and the question about the brand (model) and manufacturer of the saw - I asked two museums of logging (yes, there are some). One is in the USA, the other is in Austria. I also sent a request to a large sawmill in the UK. We'll see or they will answer.

In the meantime, I did found one video on You tube. It’s about banknotes, by the way it is a very interesting video, the 1957 film, entitled "The twilight forest". From there I took 2 screenshots, that fit my description and, actually, engraving on banknote on 100%.

20 May 2020

Yesterday, namely May 19, 2020, one of the visitors to my site, from Moscow, asked me a question. In particular, he asked:

"Why is the issuer of 10 latu banknotes is the State Treasury (Latvijas valsts kases zime) and issuer of other denominations is the Bank of Latvia (Latvijas Bankas)?"

I couldn’t immediately answer this question, but.. I was interested in it:) I had to start translating the article - in the article the answer to the above question!, In Latvian, I apologize for possible shortcomings in the translation.

Please, read in Comments of Latvian banknotes, issued between 1922 and 1940!

15 May 2020

Stamps of Southern Rhodesia of 1937 and 1 Krone 1944 Norway are added to collection.

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