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23 April 2016

Elizabeth IIToday, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years old.

Since The Queen is related directly to the main theme of my collection and her photos (and her jewellery's) often appear in the descriptions of my banknotes, I can not miss to mention it.

Congratulations to The Queen and I wish her even longer to be in good health. With age you begin to realize, that changes are not always for the better. Being on the throne since 1953, already 2-3 generations of British have grown up with the knowledge, that the Queen of England - Elizabeth II. Despite all her disadvantages, like all people have, The Queen - a woman of "the old school" and not the fact, that the next King will be strengthened in the same way, as she did, in people's minds. Times have changed, and people too. And not to better side.

Therefore, health and strength to The Queen!

And now about today's updating.

Huge thanks to Mr. Oliver Mamo - Director National Bibliographic Office, Malta Libraries for provided information about the Polytechnic building on reverse of banknote.

Also many thanks to Mrs. Michelle Buhagiar - Administration Officer of National Library of Malta for provided information (and photo) about Junior college.

Just added photos and info in description of reverse of 1 Lira 1979 Malta.

18 April 2016

Good morning! Just added 50 Pfennig 1918 Insterburg (Germany) and 10 Schilling 1927 Austria.

I look forward to getting to the collection of the following notes: two notes of Malta, 1 Estonian banknote and 1 banknote of British Ceylon.

Also I added an additional info and the photos to 1 Litas 1994 Lithuania.

16 April 2016

Hello! During yesterday and today I made the following additions to the descriptions:

1) Supplied complete poem by Burns in reverse 5 Pounds 1971 Scotland. Also, many thanks to Vlad from Nakhodka (Russia), for exact definition of the type mouse on the note (which by chance managed to get on the reverse :)) and the type of rose (close to the mouse).

2) Placed of additional photo to 10 Litu 2001 and 2007 and 20 Litu 1930 Lithuania.

On 20 Lit 1930 - I was interested to determine the ship on the reverse (on Neman River). The task was difficult, but, looks like I found the ship. While waiting for an answer to my request from Museum of Lithuania Minor in Klaipeda, when will get it - so the information will be posted.

3) Posted images on obverse of 20 Latu 2009 Latvia.

I received already 50 Pfennig 1918 Insterburg (East Prussia) - will be posted in few days.

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