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Cyprus. Bekir Pasha Aqueduct on banknote 1 Pound 1961 Read more

Cyprus. Skouriotissa Copper Mine on banknote 250 Mils 1974 Read more

Cyprus. Cedar valley on banknote 500 Mils 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Lefkaritiko on banknote 5 Pounds 1969 Read more

Cyprus. Neo Paphos, Paphos, house of Dionysus mosaic on banknote 1 Pound 1982. Read more

Cyprus. Theatrical mask, Cyprus archeological museum, in Nicosia on banknote 5 Pounds 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Germasogeia Dam on banknote 500 Mils 1982 Read more

Cyprus. Village Kato Drys on banknote 1 Pound 1998 Read more

Cyprus. The church in honor of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion and Turkish mosque on banknote 5 Pounds 2001 Read more

Cyprus. Aphrodites Rock on banknote 20 Pounds 2001 Read more


13 April 2016

Good afternoon! Today added photos to notes:

1) Series 2012 Republic of South Africa.

2) Banknotes of Kenya.

3) 1 Pound 1967 Syria.

Added text and its translation into English on the reverse 5 Gulden Netherlands East Indies.

I expecting in post of 1 German banknote, issued in 1918 in Insterburg, East Prussia (now Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia).

11 April 2016

Hello! Just made the following additions to collection:

1) On reverse of 50 Rand 2009 South Africa included information about the images.

2) Added, received last Saturday in a collection, 10 Rupees 1937 India.

3) added a booklet of stamps, worth of 12 shillings of Southern Rhodesia. Also fixed a few mistakes in the booklet of stamps on 5 Schillings of Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

7 April 2016

Hello to everybody! Last night we saw a couple of Soviet films, received a lot of fun. About one of them I want to tell a little bit in the video for 7 minutes. Probably, very few people from the English-speaking public are familiar with the films of the USSR.

Trust me - its very good movies!

It is a pity, that the English translation is not available now. May be I will find it somewhere later.

The film, which in the video is called "Unpaid leave" (Hung. Fizetés nélküli szabadság.) - Soviet two-part feature film, a lyrical comedy. A co-production film company "Mosfilm" and Peoples Republic of Hungary TV. The premiere took place on January 1, 1982 on the first program of USSR TV.

Created during the Soviet-Hungarian friendship, when Hungary massively supplied to the USSR brand "Ikarus" buses, which is reflected in the film's plot.


Katya, a kindergarten teacher from Verhneyarsk (North of Russia), arrives in Moscow to meet with a young man, named Yuri, whom she met during his trip. It does seem to be impossible for her to be with him, looking for him in the big city, receives from the Deputy Minister the unpaid leave (hence the film's title), postpones her tourist trip to Hungary (Yuri went there on a business trip), receives a gift (expensive instrument) from the French firm for him. However, her perseverance only annoys Yuri. When Kate wins a beauty contest in Budapest, Hungary, Yuri, seeing that he losing her. But it's too late - in love with Katya's already a friend and colleague of Yuri, the Hungarian Laszlo. In order to meet again with Kate and tell her of his love, Laszlo arrives in Verhneyarsk after. The finale of the film remains open.

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