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Cyprus. Bekir Pasha Aqueduct on banknote 1 Pound 1961 Read more

Cyprus. Skouriotissa Copper Mine on banknote 250 Mils 1974 Read more

Cyprus. Cedar valley on banknote 500 Mils 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Lefkaritiko on banknote 5 Pounds 1969 Read more

Cyprus. Neo Paphos, Paphos, house of Dionysus mosaic on banknote 1 Pound 1982. Read more

Cyprus. Theatrical mask, Cyprus archeological museum, in Nicosia on banknote 5 Pounds 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Germasogeia Dam on banknote 500 Mils 1982 Read more

Cyprus. Village Kato Drys on banknote 1 Pound 1998 Read more

Cyprus. The church in honor of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion and Turkish mosque on banknote 5 Pounds 2001 Read more

Cyprus. Aphrodites Rock on banknote 20 Pounds 2001 Read more


8 July 2016

Good evening! Just added to collection banknote 20 HUF 1969.

Many thanks to Sabo Kateryna, from Uzhgorod (Ukraine), for helping with the translation of an article from the Hungarian newspaper Kelet, from March 5, 2014.

Next will be added 2 Notgeld 1918 from Königsberg in Bavaria (not in East Prussia).

2 July 2016

Good evening! A little about the nearest plans of the collection.

Today I received two notes of the Hungarian People's Republic, issued in 1969 - most likely I will post them on Tuesday, 5 July.

While awaiting the arrival of my friend from Hungary. Ordered him a HUF 10,000 bill, if he will bring it to me - then I will close the gap in the last series of the Hungarian Forints.

Also, next week should already get 2 Notgeld of Königsberg, East Prussia.

The last 3 weeks my brother was in Belarus. He gathered there for me 25 pieces of Belarus banknotes of series 2000, 1992, 1996 years.

In addition, Belarus just exchanged money - from July 1 the new series of banknotes were issued. The new series of banknotes are printed by famous English printer TDLR. Even visually seen some similarities with Euro banknotes, although, of course, is not quite the same thing.

Though, my brother got for me already two consecutive notes of 5, 10, 20 and 50 Belarus new rubles. Now he is involved in the search for higher denominations of banknotes - 100, 200 and 500 rubles.

Belarus has removed four zeros, and the exchange course today is 2 rubles 20 kopecks per 1 Euro (instead of 22,000 rubles).

Since banks are closed until Monday, as it turned out, to find large bills become very problematic. Tomorrow he flying away from Belarus, and if he will not find these banknotes in the airport, then it will last till later times.

And the last - seems like I will buy 1 banknote of Latvia issued in 1992, it will be clear on a week.

Here is all the news from today. Wishing to all a good weekend and interesting football (who in the subject)!

1 July 2016

Good afternoon! Just added to collection 10 Liri 2001 Malta. Later, today, I will try to post one more banknote of Estonia.

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