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Cyprus. Bekir Pasha Aqueduct on banknote 1 Pound 1961 Read more

Cyprus. Skouriotissa Copper Mine on banknote 250 Mils 1974 Read more

Cyprus. Cedar valley on banknote 500 Mils 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Lefkaritiko on banknote 5 Pounds 1969 Read more

Cyprus. Neo Paphos, Paphos, house of Dionysus mosaic on banknote 1 Pound 1982. Read more

Cyprus. Theatrical mask, Cyprus archeological museum, in Nicosia on banknote 5 Pounds 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Germasogeia Dam on banknote 500 Mils 1982 Read more

Cyprus. Village Kato Drys on banknote 1 Pound 1998 Read more

Cyprus. The church in honor of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion and Turkish mosque on banknote 5 Pounds 2001 Read more

Cyprus. Aphrodites Rock on banknote 20 Pounds 2001 Read more


24 September 2016

Good afternoon! Hope, finally, I will add to collection the Austrian banknote, as well as three German Notgeld, which are already lie on my desk.

So far I have made two additions to some notes, already presented on my site:

1) 20 Pesos 2009 Mexico - more concrete info about the God Cocijo.

2) 100 Rubles 2014 Russia - the building of Sochi Seaport (Marine station)!

Suddenly I got info, that this building is depicted on banknote.

3) Now became known female traditional dress on banknotes 50 Senti 1988 и 500 Mils 1982 Cyprus.

Thanks a lot for the attention to the site and help with additions to Victor from Russia.

Likely, also will be corrected type of rhino on 100 Rupees 1977 Indonesia (the information now is in confirmation).

10 September 2016

Good evening! Finally, it got back to the news on my site.

Now is very intense time - goes my acclimatization on the new workplace. In addition, to us, briefly, returned the summer - +30 outside and the sea is close by.

My collection has increased by only one completion - banknote of Austria 10 Schillings 1950. I will add its description, hopefully, soon.

Great weekend to everyone!

30 August 2016

Hello! Starting to add some new banknotes in my collection after moving to another city.

Just added 100 Mark 1991 West Germany.

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